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  1. Photo of Yasuo Hasegawa

    Yasuo Hasegawa Director

  2. Photo of Osamu Kamijô

    Osamu Kamijô Director

  3. Photo of Okuda Tadashi

    Okuda Tadashi Director

  4. Photo of Masahiro Tanaka

    Masahiro Tanaka Director

  5. Photo of Shin'ya Ôhira

    Shin'ya Ôhira Director

  6. Photo of Junji Fujita

    Junji Fujita Executive Producer

  7. Photo of Toru Miura

    Toru Miura Producer

  8. Photo of Hiroshi Tazaki

    Hiroshi Tazaki Producer

  9. Photo of Kenichi Sonoda

    Kenichi Sonoda Screenplay

  10. Photo of Kazuhiro Konishi

    Kazuhiro Konishi Cinematography

  11. Photo of David Arnold

    David Arnold Cast

  12. Photo of Mary Boucher

    Mary Boucher Cast

  13. Photo of Marc Garber

    Marc Garber Cast

  14. Photo of Adam Guzman

    Adam Guzman Cast

  15. Photo of Jun Hasumi

    Jun Hasumi Cast

  16. Photo of Megumi Hayashibara

    Megumi Hayashibara Cast

  17. Photo of Chieko Honda

    Chieko Honda Cast

  18. Photo of Jean Hrdlicka

    Jean Hrdlicka Cast

  19. Photo of Michitaka Kobayashi

    Michitaka Kobayashi Cast

  20. Photo of Jûrôta Kosugi

    Jûrôta Kosugi Cast

  21. Photo of Mami Koyama

    Mami Koyama Cast

  22. Photo of David Kraus

    David Kraus Cast

  23. Photo of J. Patrick Lawlor

    J. Patrick Lawlor Cast

  24. Photo of Barbara C. Lewis

    Barbara C. Lewis Cast

  25. Photo of Brennan MacKenzie

    Brennan MacKenzie Cast

  26. Photo of Tomoko Maruo

    Tomoko Maruo Cast

  27. Photo of Naoko Matsui

    Naoko Matsui Cast

  28. Photo of Susan McQueen

    Susan McQueen Cast

  29. Photo of John Peckham

    John Peckham Cast

  30. Photo of Kôzô Shioya

    Kôzô Shioya Cast

  31. Photo of John C. Stuart

    John C. Stuart Cast

  32. Photo of Hideyuki Tanaka

    Hideyuki Tanaka Cast

  33. Photo of Kazumi Tanaka

    Kazumi Tanaka Cast

  34. Photo of Nobuo Tobita

    Nobuo Tobita Cast

  35. Photo of Kei Tomiyama

    Kei Tomiyama Cast

  36. Photo of Timothy J. Walsh

    Timothy J. Walsh Cast

  37. Photo of Yusaku Yara

    Yusaku Yara Cast

  38. Photo of Phil Perry

    Phil Perry Music