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  1. Photo of Mick Garris

    Mick Garris Director

  2. Photo of Jonathan Jackson

    Jonathan Jackson Cast

  3. Photo of David Arquette

    David Arquette Cast

  4. Photo of Cliff Robertson

    Cliff Robertson Cast

  5. Photo of Barbara Hershey

    Barbara Hershey Cast

  6. Photo of Erika Christensen

    Erika Christensen Cast

  7. Photo of Barry W. Levy

    Barry W. Levy Cast

  8. Photo of Jackson Warris

    Jackson Warris Cast

  9. Photo of Jeff Ballard

    Jeff Ballard Cast

  10. Photo of Peter LaCroix

    Peter LaCroix Cast

  11. Photo of Chris Gauthier

    Chris Gauthier Cast

  12. Photo of Robin Nielsen

    Robin Nielsen Cast

  13. Photo of Matt Frewer

    Matt Frewer Cast

  14. Photo of Simon Webb

    Simon Webb Cast