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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Nick Schwab's rating of the film Riding the Bullet

    Has Stephen King's attributes and pitfalls. The humor is dorky and unrealistic, but lightens it enough to not veer into morbidity. Garris' scare tactics are weak, yet it can be one of the most dramatically affecting adaptations of King's work ever. Heartbreaking stuff; its emotion, sweetness, and meaning, always gets me in literal tears by its end. The many faults luckily don't diminish the power of its heart.

  2. GIYGAS's rating of the film Riding the Bullet

    t-shirt reads "i rode the bullet and all i got was nothing better to do"

  3. CarlosmanuelAg's rating of the film Riding the Bullet

    Una de las mejores películas basada en los cuentos de Sthepen King. La sensación que Alan te da a través del viaje es simplemente intensa, la reacción ante la muerte y como esta llega a aparecer en un solo instante te mantiene al filo del asiento. "The Bullet" lo es todo. el inicio y el fin. ¡Fenomenal filme!