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  1. Photo of J. Walter Ruben

    J. Walter Ruben Director

  2. Photo of Frances Marion

    Frances Marion Screenplay

  3. Photo of H.W. Hanemann

    H.W. Hanemann Screenplay

  4. Photo of Anita Loos

    Anita Loos Screenplay

  5. Photo of George S. Kaufman

    George S. Kaufman Screenplay

  6. Photo of John Lee Mahin

    John Lee Mahin Screenplay

  7. Photo of Irving Thalberg

    Irving Thalberg Executive Producer

  8. Photo of Edward Ward

    Edward Ward Music

  9. Photo of Ray June

    Ray June Cinematography

  10. Photo of Frank Sullivan

    Frank Sullivan Editing

  11. Photo of Cedric Gibbons

    Cedric Gibbons Production Design

  12. Photo of Jean Harlow

    Jean Harlow Cast

  13. Photo of Spencer Tracy

    Spencer Tracy Cast

  14. Photo of Una Merkel

    Una Merkel Cast

  15. Photo of Joseph Calleia

    Joseph Calleia Cast

  16. Photo of Victor Kilian

    Victor Kilian Cast

  17. Photo of Mickey Rooney

    Mickey Rooney Cast

  18. Photo of J. Farrell MacDonald

    J. Farrell MacDonald Cast

  19. Photo of Roger Imhof

    Roger Imhof Cast

  20. Photo of Juanita Quigley

    Juanita Quigley Cast

  21. Photo of Paul Hurst

    Paul Hurst Cast

  22. Photo of Vince Barnett

    Vince Barnett Cast

  23. Photo of Dorothy Appleby

    Dorothy Appleby Cast

  24. Photo of Judith Wood

    Judith Wood Cast

  25. Photo of Arthur Housman

    Arthur Housman Cast

  26. Photo of Wade Boteler

    Wade Boteler Cast

  27. Photo of Joe Phillips

    Joe Phillips Cast

  28. Photo of William Newell

    William Newell Cast

  29. Photo of Al Hill

    Al Hill Cast

  30. Photo of Helen Flint

    Helen Flint Cast

  31. Photo of Lillian Harmer

    Lillian Harmer Cast

  32. Photo of Bob Perry

    Bob Perry Cast

  33. Photo of George Givot

    George Givot Cast

  34. Photo of Helene Costello

    Helene Costello Cast

  35. Photo of Rafaela Ottiano

    Rafaela Ottiano Cast