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  1. Photo of Juan Cobos

    Juan Cobos Screenplay

  2. Photo of Charles Exbrayat

    Charles Exbrayat Screenplay

  3. Photo of Gonzalo Sebastián de Erice

    Gonzalo Sebastián de Erice Screenplay

  4. Photo of Fernando Fernán Gómez

    Fernando Fernán Gómez Cast

  5. Photo of Jean Servais

    Jean Servais Cast

  6. Photo of Laura Granados

    Laura Granados Cast

  7. Photo of Antonio Prieto

    Antonio Prieto Cast

  8. Photo of Robert Manuel

    Robert Manuel Cast

  9. Photo of Maria Vincent

    Maria Vincent Cast

  10. Photo of Dina Loy

    Dina Loy Cast

  11. Photo of Agustín González

    Agustín González Cast

  12. Photo of Manuel Gas

    Manuel Gas Cast

  13. Photo of Luis Marín

    Luis Marín Cast

  14. Photo of Ángel Menéndez

    Ángel Menéndez Cast

  15. Photo of Serafín García Vázquez

    Serafín García Vázquez Cast

  16. Photo of Jacinto San Emeterio

    Jacinto San Emeterio Cast

  17. Photo of Joaquín Pamplona

    Joaquín Pamplona Cast

  18. Photo of Davidson Hepburn

    Davidson Hepburn Cast

  19. Photo of Greta Marcos

    Greta Marcos Cast

  20. Photo of Antonio Jiménez Escribano

    Antonio Jiménez Escribano Cast

  21. Photo of Antonio Padilla

    Antonio Padilla Cast

  22. Photo of Javier de Rivera

    Javier de Rivera Cast

  23. Photo of José Luis Zalde

    José Luis Zalde Cast

  24. Photo of Pilar Vela

    Pilar Vela Cast

  25. Photo of Lola del Pino

    Lola del Pino Cast

  26. Photo of María Rosa Mallén

    María Rosa Mallén Cast

  27. Photo of Blanquita Diwoney

    Blanquita Diwoney Cast

  28. Photo of Enrique Navarro

    Enrique Navarro Cast

  29. Photo of Gonzalo Linares

    Gonzalo Linares Cast

  30. Photo of José Castellot

    José Castellot Cast

  31. Photo of Emiliano Lizares

    Emiliano Lizares Cast

  32. Photo of Tomás de Molina

    Tomás de Molina Cast

  33. Photo of Frank Braña

    Frank Braña Cast

  34. Photo of Rafael Hernández

    Rafael Hernández Cast

  35. Photo of Godofredo Pacheco

    Godofredo Pacheco Cinematography

  36. Photo of Daniel White

    Daniel White Music

  37. Photo of Trino Martínez-Trives

    Trino Martínez-Trives Production Design

  38. Photo of José López Brea

    José López Brea Producer

  39. Photo of Jesús Franco

    Jesús Franco Producer, Director Screenplay

  40. Photo of Pío Ballesteros

    Pío Ballesteros Executive Producer

  41. Photo of Ángel Serrano

    Ángel Serrano Editing

  42. Photo of Felipe Fernández

    Felipe Fernández Sound