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  1. Photo of Bruno Corbucci

    Bruno Corbucci Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Mario Amendola

    Mario Amendola Screenplay

  3. Photo of Sergio Donati

    Sergio Donati Screenplay

  4. Photo of Corinne Cléry

    Corinne Cléry Cast

  5. Photo of Gianfranco D'Angelo

    Gianfranco D'Angelo Cast

  6. Photo of Eva Grimaldi

    Eva Grimaldi Cast

  7. Photo of Maurizio Micheli

    Maurizio Micheli Cast

  8. Photo of Renzo Montagnani

    Renzo Montagnani Cast

  9. Photo of Gastone Moschin

    Gastone Moschin Cast

  10. Photo of Adriano Pappalardo

    Adriano Pappalardo Cast

  11. Photo of Isabel Russinova

    Isabel Russinova Cast

  12. Photo of Tosca D'Aquino

    Tosca D'Aquino Cast

  13. Photo of Enio Drovandi

    Enio Drovandi Cast

  14. Photo of Sabrina Ferilli

    Sabrina Ferilli Cast

  15. Photo of Enzo Garinei

    Enzo Garinei Cast

  16. Photo of Corrado Olmi

    Corrado Olmi Cast

  17. Photo of Aldo Ralli

    Aldo Ralli Cast

  18. Photo of Loredana Romito

    Loredana Romito Cast

  19. Photo of Maria Rosaria Omaggio

    Maria Rosaria Omaggio Cast

  20. Photo of Andrea Roncato

    Andrea Roncato Cast

  21. Photo of Renato Cecchetto

    Renato Cecchetto Cast

  22. Photo of Erminia Garofano

    Erminia Garofano Cast

  23. Photo of Giuliano Ghiselli

    Giuliano Ghiselli Cast

  24. Photo of Andrea Montuschi

    Andrea Montuschi Cast

  25. Photo of Giuseppe Ruzzolini

    Giuseppe Ruzzolini Cinematography

  26. Photo of Franco Micalizzi

    Franco Micalizzi Music

  27. Photo of Marco Dentici

    Marco Dentici Production Design

  28. Photo of Augusto Caminito

    Augusto Caminito Producer

  29. Photo of Francesco Casati

    Francesco Casati Executive Producer

  30. Photo of Daniele Alabiso

    Daniele Alabiso Editing