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  1. Photo of Sergio Corbucci

    Sergio Corbucci Director

  2. Photo of Francesco Casati

    Francesco Casati Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Augusto Caminito

    Augusto Caminito Producer

  4. Photo of Danilo Desideri

    Danilo Desideri Cinematography

  5. Photo of Tatiana Casini Morigi

    Tatiana Casini Morigi Editing

  6. Photo of Marco Dentici

    Marco Dentici Production Design

  7. Photo of Paolo Villaggio

    Paolo Villaggio Cast

  8. Photo of Serena Grandi

    Serena Grandi Cast

  9. Photo of Laura Antonelli

    Laura Antonelli Cast

  10. Photo of Jerry Calà

    Jerry Calà Cast

  11. Photo of Maurizio Micheli

    Maurizio Micheli Cast

  12. Photo of Andrea Roncato

    Andrea Roncato Cast

  13. Photo of Eleonora Brigliadori

    Eleonora Brigliadori Cast

  14. Photo of Elvire Audray

    Elvire Audray Cast

  15. Photo of Paolo Bonacelli

    Paolo Bonacelli Cast

  16. Photo of Sylva Koscina

    Sylva Koscina Cast

  17. Photo of Adriano Pappalardo

    Adriano Pappalardo Cast

  18. Photo of Monica Scattini

    Monica Scattini Cast

  19. Photo of Gigi Sammarchi

    Gigi Sammarchi Cast

  20. Photo of Arnaldo Ninchi

    Arnaldo Ninchi Cast

  21. Photo of Sebastiano Somma

    Sebastiano Somma Cast

  22. Photo of Giuliana Calandra

    Giuliana Calandra Cast

  23. Photo of Camillo Milli

    Camillo Milli Cast

  24. Photo of Alex Vitale

    Alex Vitale Cast

  25. Photo of Natale Tulli

    Natale Tulli Cast