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  1. NUGA's rating of the film Ring 0: Birthday

    A completely unnecessary prequel that, despite the needlessness still manages to cross over the original thin mythos. To the movie's defense (and disregarding the source material, which I haven't read) it had the potential to close the franchise in a nuanced and very humanizing way, alas the job wasn't complete to its full grasp. What was left was a lackluster but ultimately mature job on Sadako's past.

  2. Tibulle85's rating of the film Ring 0: Birthday

    (Vu kekparsurleweb) Un préquel bien trop sage à mon goût: l'histoire reste trop classique et s'éloigne de ce qui fait l'ADN de la série (les cassettes vidéos, la légende urbaine, etc.) et ne développe pas assez ses idées intéressantes (cette Sadako dédoublée qui rappelle très fortement la franchise Tomie...); mais plus grave encore, cet opus ne parvient pas, voire oublie carrément, de faire peur, ce qui est ballot...

  3. rulesofachia's rating of the film Ring 0: Birthday

    Finally finished watching this. This is actually pretty good. The first half is admittedly slow and plodding but the horror is subtle, especially the sound design. The second half is devastating and tragic. As a whole, Ring 0 is more of a sincere melodrama but it still managed to creep me out. With patience, it's probably the most worthy follow-up in the franchise. I also love the theatre costumes.

  4. letters never sent's rating of the film Ring 0: Birthday

    It doesn't take a lot to scare me though, so even if the movie is not up to par, I'd be frightened. :3

  5. Lord_Beria's rating of the film Ring 0: Birthday

  6. angiebasuki's rating of the film Ring 0: Birthday

    The first of Ring franchise films I watched back in junior highschool. I must say this (and of course the original The Ring) is the most traumatic horror I've ever experienced. I literally terrified over my own TV and a long-hair-like black jacket hanging on the wall in my bedroom, every single night, for almost a year. (Was too young and stupid to simply move the TV and jacket somewhere else)

  7. maltzsama's rating of the film Ring 0: Birthday

    ate agora to esperando me assustar

  8. profondo_rosso's rating of the film Ring 0: Birthday

    the thought of this one excited me....i wanted to know more about sadako. But the end left me with more questions than i started with.