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  1. Photo of Lewis Katz

    Lewis Katz Executive Producer

  2. Photo of Ron Berger

    Ron Berger Producer, Director

  3. Photo of Dan Klores

    Dan Klores Producer, Director

  4. Photo of Buddy Squires

    Buddy Squires Cinematography

  5. Photo of Don Dunphy

    Don Dunphy Cast

  6. Photo of Benny Paret

    Benny Paret Cast

  7. Photo of Emile Griffith

    Emile Griffith Cast

  8. Photo of Pete Hamill

    Pete Hamill Cast

  9. Photo of Juan González

    Juan González Cast

  10. Photo of Howie Albert

    Howie Albert Cast

  11. Photo of Gil Clancy

    Gil Clancy Cast

  12. Photo of Jimmy Breslin

    Jimmy Breslin Cast

  13. Photo of Bill Gallo

    Bill Gallo Cast

  14. Photo of Ron Ross

    Ron Ross Cast

  15. Photo of Hank Kaplan

    Hank Kaplan Cast

  16. Photo of Franklin Griffith

    Franklin Griffith Cast

  17. Photo of Jimmy Powers

    Jimmy Powers Cast

  18. Photo of Gaspar Ortega

    Gaspar Ortega Cast

  19. Photo of Neal Gabler

    Neal Gabler Cast

  20. Photo of Jack Newfield

    Jack Newfield Cast

  21. Photo of Carmen Basilio

    Carmen Basilio Cast

  22. Photo of Lucy Paret

    Lucy Paret Cast

  23. Photo of Joe Cortez

    Joe Cortez Cast

  24. Photo of Manuel Alfaro

    Manuel Alfaro Cast

  25. Photo of Emelda Griffith

    Emelda Griffith Cast

  26. Photo of Garry Moore

    Garry Moore Cast

  27. Photo of José Torres

    José Torres Cast

  28. Photo of Charles Kaiser

    Charles Kaiser Cast

  29. Photo of Liberace

    Liberace Cast

  30. Photo of Ruby Goldstein

    Ruby Goldstein Cast

  31. Photo of Herb Goldstein

    Herb Goldstein Cast

  32. Photo of Ed Sullivan

    Ed Sullivan Cast

  33. Photo of Sugar Ray Robinson

    Sugar Ray Robinson Cast

  34. Photo of Alexander Schiff

    Alexander Schiff Cast

  35. Photo of Norman Mailer

    Norman Mailer Cast

  36. Photo of Max Turshen

    Max Turshen Cast

  37. Photo of Joseph F. Carlino

    Joseph F. Carlino Cast

  38. Photo of Gene Fullmer

    Gene Fullmer Cast

  39. Photo of Benny Paret Jr.

    Benny Paret Jr. Cast

  40. Photo of Ralph Dupas

    Ralph Dupas Cast

  41. Photo of Sadie Griffith

    Sadie Griffith Cast

  42. Photo of Eckhard Dagge

    Eckhard Dagge Cast

  43. Photo of Luis Rodrigo

    Luis Rodrigo Cast

  44. Photo of Juan Laporte

    Juan Laporte Cast

  45. Photo of Angelo Dundee

    Angelo Dundee Cast

  46. Photo of George Foreman

    George Foreman Cast

  47. Photo of Marvelous Marvin Hagler

    Marvelous Marvin Hagler Cast

  48. Photo of Naseem Hamed

    Naseem Hamed Cast