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  1. Photo of Neil Abramson

    Neil Abramson Director

  2. Photo of Jon Bernstein

    Jon Bernstein Screenplay

  3. Photo of Jerry Springer

    Jerry Springer Cast and Producer

  4. Photo of Jaime Pressly

    Jaime Pressly Cast

  5. Photo of Wendy Raquel Robinson

    Wendy Raquel Robinson Cast

  6. Photo of Michael Jai White

    Michael Jai White Cast

  7. Photo of William McNamara

    William McNamara Cast

  8. Photo of Molly Hagan

    Molly Hagan Cast

  9. Photo of Michael Dudikoff

    Michael Dudikoff Cast

  10. Photo of Russ Lyster

    Russ Lyster Cinematography

  11. Photo of Kennard Ramsey

    Kennard Ramsey Music

  12. Photo of Deborah Raymond

    Deborah Raymond Production Design

  13. Photo of Dorian Vernacchio

    Dorian Vernacchio Production Design

  14. Photo of Gary W. Goldstein

    Gary W. Goldstein Producer

  15. Photo of Bradley Jenkel

    Bradley Jenkel Producer

  16. Photo of Gina Rugolo

    Gina Rugolo Producer

  17. Photo of Steven Stabler

    Steven Stabler Producer

  18. Photo of Brent Baum

    Brent Baum Executive Producer

  19. Photo of Don Corsini

    Don Corsini Executive Producer

  20. Photo of Richard Dominick

    Richard Dominick Executive Producer

  21. Photo of Donald Kushner

    Donald Kushner Executive Producer

  22. Photo of Peter Locke

    Peter Locke Executive Producer

  23. Photo of Brian Medavoy

    Brian Medavoy Executive Producer

  24. Photo of Erwin More

    Erwin More Executive Producer

  25. Photo of Suzanne Hines

    Suzanne Hines Editing