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  1. Photo of Rafael Romero Marchent

    Rafael Romero Marchent Director

  2. Photo of Mario Caiano

    Mario Caiano Screenplay and Producer

  3. Photo of Eduardo Manzanos Brochero

    Eduardo Manzanos Brochero Producer and Screenplay

  4. Photo of Francesco De Masi

    Francesco De Masi Music

  5. Photo of Emanuele Di Cola

    Emanuele Di Cola Cinematography

  6. Photo of Antonio Gimeno

    Antonio Gimeno Editing

  7. Photo of Renato Cinquini

    Renato Cinquini Editing

  8. Photo of Franco Velchi

    Franco Velchi Production Design

  9. Photo of Mario Dallimonti

    Mario Dallimonti Sound

  10. Photo of Pietro Martellanza

    Pietro Martellanza Cast

  11. Photo of Piero Lulli

    Piero Lulli Cast

  12. Photo of Dyanik Zurakowska

    Dyanik Zurakowska Cast

  13. Photo of Paolo Herzl

    Paolo Herzl Cast

  14. Photo of Armando Calvo

    Armando Calvo Cast

  15. Photo of Jesús Puente

    Jesús Puente Cast

  16. Photo of José Jaspe

    José Jaspe Cast

  17. Photo of Giuseppe Fortis

    Giuseppe Fortis Cast

  18. Photo of Antonio Pica

    Antonio Pica Cast

  19. Photo of Ángel Menéndez

    Ángel Menéndez Cast

  20. Photo of Frank Braña

    Frank Braña Cast

  21. Photo of Guillermo Méndez

    Guillermo Méndez Cast

  22. Photo of Alfonso Rojas

    Alfonso Rojas Cast

  23. Photo of Luis Barboo

    Luis Barboo Cast