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  1. Photo of F. Javier Gutiérrez

    F. Javier Gutiérrez Director

  2. Photo of Laurie MacDonald

    Laurie MacDonald Producer

  3. Photo of Walter F. Parkes

    Walter F. Parkes Producer

  4. Photo of Doug Davison

    Doug Davison Executive Producer

  5. Photo of Guillermo del Toro

    Guillermo del Toro Executive Producer

  6. Photo of Neal Edelstein

    Neal Edelstein Executive Producer

  7. Photo of Roy Lee

    Roy Lee Executive Producer

  8. Photo of Mike Macari

    Mike Macari Executive Producer

  9. Photo of Amy Sayres

    Amy Sayres Executive Producer

  10. Photo of Jacob Aaron Estes

    Jacob Aaron Estes Screenplay

  11. Photo of Akiva Goldsman

    Akiva Goldsman Screenplay

  12. Photo of David Loucka

    David Loucka Screenplay

  13. Photo of Kôji Suzuki

    Kôji Suzuki Screenplay

  14. Photo of Aimee Teegarden

    Aimee Teegarden Cast

  15. Photo of Alex Roe

    Alex Roe Cast

  16. Photo of Johnny Galecki

    Johnny Galecki Cast

  17. Photo of Laura Wiggins

    Laura Wiggins Cast

  18. Photo of Bonnie Morgan

    Bonnie Morgan Cast

  19. Photo of Lizzie Brocheré

    Lizzie Brocheré Cast

  20. Photo of Vincent D'Onofrio

    Vincent D'Onofrio Cast

  21. Photo of Matthew Margeson

    Matthew Margeson Music

  22. Photo of Sharone Meir

    Sharone Meir Cinematography

  23. Photo of Jeremiah O'Driscoll

    Jeremiah O'Driscoll Editing

  24. Photo of Kevin Kavanaugh

    Kevin Kavanaugh Production Design