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  1. Photo of Rouben Mamoulian

    Rouben Mamoulian Director

  2. Photo of Ken Englund

    Ken Englund Screenplay

  3. Photo of Robert Pirosh

    Robert Pirosh Screenplay

  4. Photo of Emeric Pressburger

    Emeric Pressburger Screenplay

  5. Photo of Joseph Schrank

    Joseph Schrank Screenplay

  6. Photo of Milton Sperling

    Milton Sperling Producer

  7. Photo of Leigh Harline

    Leigh Harline Music

  8. Photo of Cyril J. Mockridge

    Cyril J. Mockridge Music

  9. Photo of George Barnes

    George Barnes Cinematography

  10. Photo of Barbara McLean

    Barbara McLean Editing

  11. Photo of Richard Day

    Richard Day Production Design

  12. Photo of Albert Hogsett

    Albert Hogsett Production Design

  13. Photo of Joseph E. Aiken

    Joseph E. Aiken Sound

  14. Photo of Roger Heman Sr.

    Roger Heman Sr. Sound

  15. Photo of Henry Fonda

    Henry Fonda Cast

  16. Photo of Gene Tierney

    Gene Tierney Cast

  17. Photo of Laird Cregar

    Laird Cregar Cast

  18. Photo of Shepperd Strudwick

    Shepperd Strudwick Cast

  19. Photo of Spring Byington

    Spring Byington Cast

  20. Photo of Frank Orth

    Frank Orth Cast

  21. Photo of Henry Stephenson

    Henry Stephenson Cast

  22. Photo of Marjorie Gateson

    Marjorie Gateson Cast

  23. Photo of George Lessey

    George Lessey Cast

  24. Photo of Iris Adrian

    Iris Adrian Cast

  25. Photo of Harry Hayden

    Harry Hayden Cast

  26. Photo of Gwendolyn Logan

    Gwendolyn Logan Cast

  27. Photo of Eric Wilton

    Eric Wilton Cast

  28. Photo of William 'Billy' Benedict

    William 'Billy' Benedict Cast

  29. Photo of Sarah Edwards

    Sarah Edwards Cast

  30. Photo of Thurston Hall

    Thurston Hall Cast

  31. Photo of Clara Blandick

    Clara Blandick Cast

  32. Photo of Edgar Norton

    Edgar Norton Cast

  33. Photo of Charles C. Wilson

    Charles C. Wilson Cast

  34. Photo of George Lloyd

    George Lloyd Cast

  35. Photo of Kathryn Sheldon

    Kathryn Sheldon Cast

  36. Photo of Frank Sully

    Frank Sully Cast

  37. Photo of Mel Ruick

    Mel Ruick Cast