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  1. Photo of César Charlone

    César Charlone Director

  2. Photo of Vicente Amorim

    Vicente Amorim Director

  3. Photo of Guillermo Arriaga

    Guillermo Arriaga Director

  4. Photo of Fernando Meirelles

    Fernando Meirelles Director

  5. Photo of José Padilha

    José Padilha Director

  6. Photo of Carlos Saldanha

    Carlos Saldanha Director and Screenplay

  7. Photo of Paolo Sorrentino

    Paolo Sorrentino Director and Screenplay

  8. Photo of Andrucha Waddington

    Andrucha Waddington Director and Screenplay

  9. Photo of Fellipe Barbosa

    Fellipe Barbosa Screenplay

  10. Photo of Rodney El-Haddad

    Rodney El-Haddad Screenplay

  11. Photo of Stephan Elliott

    Stephan Elliott Screenplay and Director

  12. Photo of Im Sang-soo

    Im Sang-soo Screenplay and Director

  13. Photo of Chico Mattoso

    Chico Mattoso Screenplay

  14. Photo of Antonio Prata

    Antonio Prata Screenplay

  15. Photo of Elena Soarez

    Elena Soarez Screenplay

  16. Photo of Mauricio Zacharias

    Mauricio Zacharias Screenplay

  17. Photo of Ryan Kwanten

    Ryan Kwanten Cast

  18. Photo of Rodrigo Santoro

    Rodrigo Santoro Cast

  19. Photo of Emily Mortimer

    Emily Mortimer Cast

  20. Photo of Jason Isaacs

    Jason Isaacs Cast

  21. Photo of John Turturro

    John Turturro Cast, Screenplay Director

  22. Photo of Vincent Cassel

    Vincent Cassel Cast

  23. Photo of Harvey Keitel

    Harvey Keitel Cast

  24. Photo of Vanessa Paradis

    Vanessa Paradis Cast

  25. Photo of Wagner Moura

    Wagner Moura Cast

  26. Photo of Nadine Labaki

    Nadine Labaki Cast, Director Screenplay

  27. Photo of Débora Nascimento

    Débora Nascimento Cast

  28. Photo of Bebel Gilberto

    Bebel Gilberto Cast

  29. Photo of Basil Hoffman

    Basil Hoffman Cast

  30. Photo of Fernanda Montenegro

    Fernanda Montenegro Cast

  31. Photo of Laura Neiva

    Laura Neiva Cast

  32. Photo of Sergio Kato

    Sergio Kato Cast

  33. Photo of Marcio Garcia

    Marcio Garcia Cast

  34. Photo of Leonardo M. Barros

    Leonardo M. Barros Producer

  35. Photo of Pedro Buarque de Hollanda

    Pedro Buarque de Hollanda Producer

  36. Photo of Denise Gomes

    Denise Gomes Producer

  37. Photo of Dan Klabin

    Dan Klabin Producer

  38. Photo of Joshua Skurla

    Joshua Skurla Producer

  39. Photo of Emmanuel Benbihy

    Emmanuel Benbihy Executive Producer

  40. Photo of Ariel Elia

    Ariel Elia Executive Producer

  41. Photo of Oliver Kwon

    Oliver Kwon Executive Producer

  42. Photo of John Lyons

    John Lyons Executive Producer

  43. Photo of Ricardo Rangel

    Ricardo Rangel Executive Producer

  44. Photo of Eliana Soárez

    Eliana Soárez Executive Producer

  45. Photo of Marcos Tellechea

    Marcos Tellechea Executive Producer

  46. Photo of Edu Tibiriçá

    Edu Tibiriçá Executive Producer

  47. Photo of Pedro Bromfman

    Pedro Bromfman Music

  48. Photo of Khaled Mouzannar

    Khaled Mouzannar Music and Screenplay

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