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  1. anarresti's rating of the film Rio Sex Comedy

    Great cast in an absurdist, blasé screenplay that clashes the reality of Brasil's social problems with the reality of westerners' views on it. A lot more subtle than, say, anything from Sacha Baron Cohen. A lot less hilarious, too. But its subtlety is not without some virtue.

  2. riraru's rating of the film Rio Sex Comedy

    Herrlich albern und politisch inkorrekt, aber mit gebotenem Ernst – Erinnert an Schlingensief-Arbeiten.

  3. Lays Laine's rating of the film Rio Sex Comedy

  4. Matthew_Lucas's rating of the film Rio Sex Comedy

    Disparate foreigners seek sexual fulfillment and social justice in Rio, weaving in and out of each other's lives. Bites off a bit more than it can chew as its uneven structure becomes a bit aimless. Overlong by about 30 mins. The film would have benefited from trimming the fat a bit. Still, strikes nice tonal balance between comedy and seriousness.