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  1. Photo of Will Vinton

    Will Vinton Director, Animation Producer

  2. Photo of Washington Irving

    Washington Irving Screenplay

  3. Photo of Susan Shadburne

    Susan Shadburne Screenplay

  4. Photo of Will Geer

    Will Geer Cast

  5. Photo of Tim Conner

    Tim Conner Cast

  6. Photo of Bob Griggs

    Bob Griggs Cast

  7. Photo of Bill Grattin

    Bill Grattin Cast

  8. Photo of Jim Andrews

    Jim Andrews Cast

  9. Photo of Marley Stone

    Marley Stone Cast

  10. Photo of Billy Scream

    Billy Scream Cast and Music

  11. Photo of Paul Jameson

    Paul Jameson Music and Cast

  12. Photo of Frank Moynihan

    Frank Moynihan Producer

  13. Photo of Barry Bruce

    Barry Bruce Animation

  14. Photo of Joan C. Gratz

    Joan C. Gratz Animation

  15. Photo of Don Merkt

    Don Merkt Animation