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  1. Photo of Manuel Amaro da Costa

    Manuel Amaro da Costa Director

  2. Photo of Santa Martha

    Santa Martha Director

  3. Photo of Pedro Castro

    Pedro Castro Screenplay

  4. Photo of Victor Bandarra

    Victor Bandarra Screenplay

  5. Photo of Vanda de Sousa

    Vanda de Sousa Screenplay

  6. Photo of Ana Paula Rocha

    Ana Paula Rocha Cast

  7. Photo of Sara Gonçalves

    Sara Gonçalves Cast

  8. Photo of Paula Neves

    Paula Neves Cast

  9. Photo of Fernando Martins

    Fernando Martins Cast

  10. Photo of Edmundo Rosa

    Edmundo Rosa Cast

  11. Photo of Frederico Ferreira

    Frederico Ferreira Cast

  12. Photo of Ana Zanatti

    Ana Zanatti Cast

  13. Photo of Alexandra Lencastre

    Alexandra Lencastre Cast

  14. Photo of Diogo Infante

    Diogo Infante Cast

  15. Photo of Ivo Canelas

    Ivo Canelas Cast

  16. Photo of José Wallenstein

    José Wallenstein Cast

  17. Photo of Virgílio Castelo

    Virgílio Castelo Cast

  18. Photo of Paulo Pires

    Paulo Pires Cast

  19. Photo of Canto e Castro

    Canto e Castro Cast

  20. Photo of Filipe Cochofel

    Filipe Cochofel Cast

  21. Photo of Cristina Carvalhal

    Cristina Carvalhal Cast

  22. Photo of João Craveiro Reis

    João Craveiro Reis Cast

  23. Photo of Marco D'Almeida

    Marco D'Almeida Cast

  24. Photo of Rita Durão

    Rita Durão Cast

  25. Photo of José Pedro Gomes

    José Pedro Gomes Cast