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  1. Photo of Sharad Patel

    Sharad Patel Producer, Director

  2. Photo of Christopher Sutton

    Christopher Sutton Producer

  3. Photo of Wade Huie

    Wade Huie Screenplay, Cast

  4. Photo of Joseph Olita

    Joseph Olita Cast

  5. Photo of Thomas Baptiste

    Thomas Baptiste Cast

  6. Photo of Leonard Trolley

    Leonard Trolley Cast

  7. Photo of Keith Palmer

    Keith Palmer Editing

  8. Photo of Christopher Gunning

    Christopher Gunning Music

  9. Photo of Harvey Harrison

    Harvey Harrison Cinematography

  10. Photo of Geoffrey Keen

    Geoffrey Keen Cast

  11. Photo of Louis Mahoney

    Louis Mahoney Cast

  12. Photo of André Maranne

    André Maranne Cast

  13. Photo of Denis Hills

    Denis Hills Cast

  14. Photo of Tony Sibbald

    Tony Sibbald Cast

  15. Photo of Norbert Okare

    Norbert Okare Cast

  16. Photo of Ka Vundla

    Ka Vundla Cast

  17. Photo of Martin Okello

    Martin Okello Cast

  18. Photo of Nicky Giles

    Nicky Giles Cast

  19. Photo of Ann Wanjuga

    Ann Wanjuga Cast

  20. Photo of Gordon Gardner

    Gordon Gardner Cast

  21. Photo of Alf Joint

    Alf Joint Cast

  22. Photo of Fred Ynanga

    Fred Ynanga Cast

  23. Photo of Marlene Dogherty

    Marlene Dogherty Cast

  24. Photo of Rick Anderson

    Rick Anderson Cast

  25. Photo of June Kikumu

    June Kikumu Cast

  26. Photo of Roy Leask

    Roy Leask Cast

  27. Photo of Diane Mercer

    Diane Mercer Cast

  28. Photo of Sophie Kind

    Sophie Kind Cast