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  1. Photo of Sebastian Gutierrez

    Sebastian Gutierrez Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Lucy Liu

    Lucy Liu Cast

  3. Photo of Robert Forster

    Robert Forster Cast

  4. Photo of James D'Arcy

    James D'Arcy Cast

  5. Photo of Carla Gugino

    Carla Gugino Cast

  6. Photo of Michael Chiklis

    Michael Chiklis Cast

  7. Photo of Mako (Iwamatsu)

    Mako (Iwamatsu) Cast

  8. Photo of Julio Oscar Mechoso

    Julio Oscar Mechoso Cast

  9. Photo of Simon Rex

    Simon Rex Cast

  10. Photo of Cameron Richardson

    Cameron Richardson Cast

  11. Photo of Samaire Armstrong

    Samaire Armstrong Cast

  12. Photo of Marilyn Manson

    Marilyn Manson Cast

  13. Photo of Elden Henson

    Elden Henson Cast

  14. Photo of Nick Lachey

    Nick Lachey Cast

  15. Photo of Margo Harshman

    Margo Harshman Cast

  16. Photo of John Toll

    John Toll Cinematography

  17. Photo of Nathan Barr

    Nathan Barr Music

  18. Photo of Jerry Fleming

    Jerry Fleming Production Design

  19. Photo of Kelli Konop

    Kelli Konop Producer

  20. Photo of Josef Lieck

    Josef Lieck Producer

  21. Photo of Hans C. Ritter

    Hans C. Ritter Producer

  22. Photo of Greg Shapiro

    Greg Shapiro Producer

  23. Photo of Aubrey Henderson

    Aubrey Henderson Executive Producer

  24. Photo of Nathan Kahane

    Nathan Kahane Executive Producer

  25. Photo of Carsten H.W. Lorenz

    Carsten H.W. Lorenz Executive Producer

  26. Photo of Sam Raimi

    Sam Raimi Executive Producer

  27. Photo of Robert G. Tapert

    Robert G. Tapert Executive Producer

  28. Photo of Lisa Bromwell

    Lisa Bromwell Editing

  29. Photo of Robb Sullivan

    Robb Sullivan Editing

  30. Photo of Denise Wingate

    Denise Wingate Costume Design