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  1. Photo of Rupert Wyatt

    Rupert Wyatt Director

  2. Photo of Pierre Boulle

    Pierre Boulle Screenplay

  3. Photo of James Franco

    James Franco Cast

  4. Photo of Andy Serkis

    Andy Serkis Cast

  5. Photo of Freida Pinto

    Freida Pinto Cast

  6. Photo of Tom Felton

    Tom Felton Cast

  7. Photo of Brian Cox

    Brian Cox Cast

  8. Photo of John Lithgow

    John Lithgow Cast

  9. Photo of Tyler Labine

    Tyler Labine Cast

  10. Photo of David Hewlett

    David Hewlett Cast

  11. Photo of David Oyelowo

    David Oyelowo Cast

  12. Photo of Jamie Harris

    Jamie Harris Cast

  13. Photo of Chelah Horsdal

    Chelah Horsdal Cast

  14. Photo of Leah Gibson

    Leah Gibson Cast

  15. Photo of Andrew Lesnie

    Andrew Lesnie Cinematography

  16. Photo of Patrick Doyle

    Patrick Doyle Music

  17. Photo of Claude Paré

    Claude Paré Production Design

  18. Photo of Helen Jarvis

    Helen Jarvis Production Design

  19. Photo of Elizabeth Wilcox

    Elizabeth Wilcox Production Design

  20. Photo of Peter Chernin

    Peter Chernin Producer

  21. Photo of Dylan Clark

    Dylan Clark Producer

  22. Photo of Rick Jaffa

    Rick Jaffa Producer and Screenplay

  23. Photo of Amanda Silver

    Amanda Silver Producer and Screenplay

  24. Photo of Thomas M. Hammel

    Thomas M. Hammel Executive Producer

  25. Photo of Conrad Buff IV

    Conrad Buff IV Editing

  26. Photo of Mark Goldblatt

    Mark Goldblatt Editing

  27. Photo of David Husby

    David Husby Sound

  28. Photo of John Morris

    John Morris Sound

  29. Photo of Renée April

    Renée April Costume Design