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  1. Arijan's rating of the film Risky Business

  2. The Mayor Of Hell's rating of the film Risky Business

    Not quite the Graduate but that's ok. As the graduate has touches that are quintessentially 60s so does this have touches that define th era to come. That what a bit of the difference is...risky seems to understand the decade that much better and informs what it would be during the Reagan era.Tom seems to morph into his popular persona throughout film. Mesmerizing acting to see from him.Much more than underwear & sox

  3. Eric Ortiz García's rating of the film Risky Business

  4. Natasha Angashanova's rating of the film Risky Business

  5. f-nanda's rating of the film Risky Business

    SO, I lost count how many times I saw "Never been kissed" on afternoon televison, and had fantasies about David Arquette as Joel. Finally I watched the original AAAAAAAAND, fuck it, I'm going as Joel to the next halloween party!

  6. smndvdcl's rating of the film Risky Business

    Cruise's persona launchpad. "Sometimes, you gotta say 'what the fuck'". Indeed.

  7. Hollywood Overdose's rating of the film Risky Business

    Old time rock n' roll entertainment.

  8. DenoResandono's rating of the film Risky Business

    A good debut for Paul Brickman and best acting achievement from Tom Cruise. Isu-isu tentang materialism, proses pendewasaan, rasa bersalah, sedikit kapitalisme, dan soal kebebasan berhasil di kemas dengan baik sebagai sebuah satire atau sindiran yang "jleb" terhadap remaja. This is simply the best of Tom Cruise's earlier performance. Near Perfect!

  9.'s rating of the film Risky Business

    (...) Tom Cruise versteht es perfekt, eine ganze Welt zu kreieren aus dem, was sein Joel NICHT sagt, NICHT fühlt und auch NICHT versteht. Tatsächlich ist das ein Film nicht nur voller genialer Pointen, sondern auch voller Einsichten! Dabei ists doch fast unmöglich, eine gute Satire über Schuld, Lust und Gier zu machen!(...) (Dazu haben wir für euch die besten Teenie Komödien der 80er ausgesucht auf

  10. HKFanatic's rating of the film Risky Business

    Human transactions. "Risky Business" endures as a quintessentially American film. Director Paul Brickman heaps a healthy amount of skepticism, if not outright contempt, on the core tenets of Reagan's Eighties, all while delivering a compelling piece of pop entertainment. Over one long week, Tom Cruise learns everything he could ever want to know about capitalism - and says goodbye to his innocence in the process.

  11. Kotryna's rating of the film Risky Business

    the girl is so amazingly stunning.

  12. Rachel Tyler's rating of the film Risky Business

    Ah, the life of a rich white boy

  13. Warren Spratley's rating of the film Risky Business

    A film that "just glides." It's immediately clear how little Brickman is interested in the normalities of the teenage sex comedy. Surreality is injected stunningly into the narrative: the perceptiveness regarding upper middle-class psychological tendencies, how haunting the tone becomes. Characters move effortlessly between three-dimensionality & pure lyricism. Sex is handled lovingly, seriously. A great masterpiece.

  14. Ciaran Campbell's rating of the film Risky Business

    After re-watching risky business I've realized it's a great film, a sort of 'easy rider' of the 80's in the way it defines a generation

  15. Mike Archibald's rating of the film Risky Business

    The pacing and plotting are willful and jerky, and there are markers of the worst decade in Hwd cinema--leaden, overemphatic acting chief among them. Hwd was trying to rewind past the naturalism of the 70s, and they wasted a lot of time before Soderbergh, Taranatino et al came along. For good and for ill, this is one of the key American films of the 80s, richly symbolic, satirically sharp and totally of its time.

  16. Zach Closs's rating of the film Risky Business

    “It seems to me that if there was any logic to our language, trust would be a four-letter word.”

  17. yuriwalker's rating of the film Risky Business

    Risky Business yang gw sangka2 cuman sekedar teen-comedy seperti film kebanyakan ternyata salah,gejolak ababil anak muda yang sedang galau era taon 80an digambarkan secara apik di film ini dengan gaya yang suram,pokokny film ini berhasillah melebihi ekspektasi gw,sayang sekali gw kurang menikmati nonton film ini,gara2 gw celingak-celinguk ngeliat pintu depan rumah,kali aja ortu datang..takut ketangkap basah gw #halah

  18. Kimm's rating of the film Risky Business

    can't stand this movie. overly nice but idiotic suburban kids. joel's lack of common sense is unbearable to watch

  19. jannicke's rating of the film Risky Business

    some of the scenes were extraordinarily amusing. and the music! oh, the music was totally spaced out at all the right/wrong places.