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  1. Photo of Joko Anwar

    Joko Anwar Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Rio Dewanto

    Rio Dewanto Cast

  3. Photo of Hannah Al Rashid

    Hannah Al Rashid Cast

  4. Photo of Aridh Tritama

    Aridh Tritama Cast

  5. Photo of Izzi Isman

    Izzi Isman Cast

  6. Photo of Sadha Triyudha

    Sadha Triyudha Cast

  7. Photo of José Gamo

    José Gamo Cast

  8. Photo of Marsha Timothy

    Marsha Timothy Cast

  9. Photo of Surya Saputra

    Surya Saputra Cast

  10. Photo of Sheila Timothy

    Sheila Timothy Executive Producer and Producer

  11. Photo of Luki Wanandi

    Luki Wanandi Executive Producer

  12. Photo of Bembi Gusti

    Bembi Gusti Music

  13. Photo of Aghi Narottama

    Aghi Narottama Music

  14. Photo of Gascaro Ramondo

    Gascaro Ramondo Music

  15. Photo of Gunnar Nimpuno

    Gunnar Nimpuno Cinematography

  16. Photo of Arifin Cu'unk

    Arifin Cu'unk Editing