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  1. Photo of Aldo Lado

    Aldo Lado Screenplay and Director

  2. Photo of Cesare Frugoni

    Cesare Frugoni Screenplay

  3. Photo of Luigi Spagnol

    Luigi Spagnol Screenplay

  4. Photo of Beatrice Ring

    Beatrice Ring Cast

  5. Photo of Larry Huckmann

    Larry Huckmann Cast

  6. Photo of Francesco Casale

    Francesco Casale Cast

  7. Photo of Natalia Bizzi

    Natalia Bizzi Cast

  8. Photo of Valérie Bouc

    Valérie Bouc Cast

  9. Photo of Mathieu Carrière

    Mathieu Carrière Cast

  10. Photo of Tobias Hoesl

    Tobias Hoesl Cast

  11. Photo of Klaus Löwitsch

    Klaus Löwitsch Cast

  12. Photo of Alida Valli

    Alida Valli Cast

  13. Photo of Roland Wybenga

    Roland Wybenga Cast

  14. Photo of Max Roman

    Max Roman Executive Producer

  15. Photo of Alessandro Signetto

    Alessandro Signetto Producer

  16. Photo of Pino Donaggio

    Pino Donaggio Music

  17. Photo of William Lubtchansky

    William Lubtchansky Cinematography

  18. Photo of Mario Morra

    Mario Morra Editing

  19. Photo of Massimo Antonello Geleng

    Massimo Antonello Geleng Production Design