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  1. Photo of Kim Chun

    Kim Chun Director

  2. Photo of Jenny Hu

    Jenny Hu Cast

  3. Photo of Han Chin

    Han Chin Cast

  4. Photo of Chin Chun

    Chin Chun Cast

  5. Photo of Chin Tien-chu

    Chin Tien-chu Cast

  6. Photo of Hua Chung

    Hua Chung Cast

  7. Photo of Huang Nai-Hsi

    Huang Nai-Hsi Cast

  8. Photo of Ling Ling Hung

    Ling Ling Hung Cast

  9. Photo of Ku Chan-Hsiung

    Ku Chan-Hsiung Cast

  10. Photo of Ku Tsan-Hsiung

    Ku Tsan-Hsiung Cast

  11. Photo of Wen Chung Ku

    Wen Chung Ku Cast

  12. Photo of Lai Wen

    Lai Wen Cast

  13. Photo of Lee Sau Kei

    Lee Sau Kei Cast

  14. Photo of Ma Xiaoying

    Ma Xiaoying Cast

  15. Photo of Ou Yen-ching

    Ou Yen-ching Cast

  16. Photo of Lin Tsai

    Lin Tsai Cast