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Ratings & Reviews

  1. cin·aes·the·tic's rating of the film Road North

    Yes, the road movie is a well-worn cliché. The long-absent father returning to get to know his son is another cliché. And so it goes. But I'll be damned if I didn't enjoy the hell out of this film. Everything about it is pitch perfect. Even the strange turn of events near the end (another cliché) feels seamless, as if it was always there waiting for the characters to reach it--or more aptly, return to it. Bravissimo!

  2. David R Williams's rating of the film Road North

    Certainly nothing we have not seen before but a nicely told tale nevertheless. Sometimes that is all you need.

  3. Jorge's rating of the film Road North

    8.5/10 Me gusto mucho, algo diferente, buena quimica entre los actores, algo sentimental.

  4. Nick Potter's rating of the film Road North

    An absolutely engaging tale of a long-lost father trying to be with all the people he needs to see one last time, Kaurismaki's film finds a great balance between the humor of the situation and the immense heart brought on by the relationship of the two leads.

  5. Wee Hunk's rating of the film Road North

    I'm a sucker for road movies and movies about the father-son relationship. You can't take it too seriously because it's an allegory.

  6. Joshua Wonders's rating of the film Road North

    Road North is a fantastic Finnish take on the classic road movie, but has been taken one step further. This seemingly one dimensional film about a father and son reuniting is quite a bit more that what originally meets the eye. With a great musical score fitting for a sophisticated music pallet such as Kimo's this movie takes you inside these mysterious characters lives, ones that they learn about right along side us

  7. turnerBroadcast p3Dr0's rating of the film Road North

    For my review, I'm going to put on a vest that has long - what we used to call in high school shannon suckers - and jump up and down and then tell you right in your face... this is a good film! But then , inevitably in those situations, someone's insulin levels are wrong and you just get punched in the face with a lighthearted father son combination robbery and shared moment of bliss, or stolen..where's my wallet?!

  8. violaziluolan's rating of the film Road North

    This is a Daoism story... Took place in Finland. I simply love it!

  9. David Richards's rating of the film Road North

    Cute story, not particularly funny. Maybe something was lost in translation. The actor who played the long-lost dad was entertaining.

  10. Barry Dever's rating of the film Road North

    Road North is a stunning Finnish film. It is very developed, complex storytelling. An ailing man, Leo (beautifully portrayed by Vesa-Matti Loiri) goes on a trip to see all the people in his life he wants to see again before he dies. The bizarre relationships he has with the other characters are well-developed by the screenwriters, and well-portrayed by the actors. The later-in-life father-son bond is evident of this.

  11. Sancar Seckiner's rating of the film Road North

    Not sincere, just jock. Aki is much better , anyway.