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  1. Photo of Manfred Noa

    Manfred Noa Director

  2. Photo of Bobby E. Lüthge

    Bobby E. Lüthge Screenplay

  3. Photo of Margarete M. Langen

    Margarete M. Langen Screenplay

  4. Photo of Maria Matray

    Maria Matray Cast

  5. Photo of Oskar Homolka

    Oskar Homolka Cast

  6. Photo of Oskar Marion

    Oskar Marion Cast

  7. Photo of Senta Söneland

    Senta Söneland Cast

  8. Photo of Willy Goldberger

    Willy Goldberger Cinematography

  9. Photo of Akos Farkas

    Akos Farkas Cinematography

  10. Photo of Friedrich Hollaender

    Friedrich Hollaender Music

  11. Photo of Artur Guttmann

    Artur Guttmann Music

  12. Photo of Stefan Rényi

    Stefan Rényi Music

  13. Photo of Lothar Stark

    Lothar Stark Producer

  14. Photo of Anatol Potok

    Anatol Potok Producer