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  1. Photo of Carla Lia Monti

    Carla Lia Monti Screenplay and Director

  2. Photo of Martin Muser

    Martin Muser Screenplay

  3. Photo of Thomas Hess

    Thomas Hess Screenplay

  4. Photo of Nina Buehlmann

    Nina Buehlmann Cast

  5. Photo of Myriam Muller

    Myriam Muller Cast

  6. Photo of Mathis Künzler

    Mathis Künzler Cast

  7. Photo of Sabine Timoteo

    Sabine Timoteo Cast

  8. Photo of Antoine Monot Jr.

    Antoine Monot Jr. Cast

  9. Photo of Sascha Ley

    Sascha Ley Cast

  10. Photo of Celine Wenger

    Celine Wenger Cast

  11. Photo of Hans-Peter Ulli

    Hans-Peter Ulli Cast

  12. Photo of Nils Althaus

    Nils Althaus Cast

  13. Photo of Cynthia Coray

    Cynthia Coray Cast

  14. Photo of Alexandra Prusa

    Alexandra Prusa Cast

  15. Photo of Delphine Clairet

    Delphine Clairet Cast

  16. Photo of Gianin Loffler

    Gianin Loffler Cast

  17. Photo of Kaspar Weiss

    Kaspar Weiss Cast

  18. Photo of Milton Rodrigues Gomes

    Milton Rodrigues Gomes Cast

  19. Photo of Enzo Brandner

    Enzo Brandner Cinematography

  20. Photo of Michael Hertig

    Michael Hertig Editing

  21. Photo of Georg Bringolf

    Georg Bringolf Production Design

  22. Photo of Karin Moffa-Oyewusi

    Karin Moffa-Oyewusi Production Design

  23. Photo of Anselme Pau

    Anselme Pau Music

  24. Photo of Tunje Berns

    Tunje Berns Producer