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  1. Photo of Pierre Zucca

    Pierre Zucca Screenplay and Director

  2. Photo of Pierre Klossowski

    Pierre Klossowski Cast and Screenplay

  3. Photo of Martin Loeb

    Martin Loeb Cast

  4. Photo of Barbet Schroeder

    Barbet Schroeder Cast

  5. Photo of Michel Berto

    Michel Berto Cast

  6. Photo of Juliet Berto

    Juliet Berto Cast

  7. Photo of Alain Cuny

    Alain Cuny Cast

  8. Photo of Jean-François Stévenin

    Jean-François Stévenin Cast

  9. Photo of Jean Turlier

    Jean Turlier Cast

  10. Photo of Frédéric Mitterrand

    Frédéric Mitterrand Cast

  11. Photo of Fabienne Arel

    Fabienne Arel Cast

  12. Photo of Daniel Schmid

    Daniel Schmid Cast

  13. Photo of Jérôme Zucca

    Jérôme Zucca Cast

  14. Photo of Paul Bonis

    Paul Bonis Cinematography

  15. Photo of Éric Demarsan

    Éric Demarsan Music

  16. Photo of Max Berto

    Max Berto Production Design and Cast

  17. Photo of Hubert Niogret

    Hubert Niogret Producer

  18. Photo of Nicole Lubtchansky

    Nicole Lubtchansky Editing