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  1. Photo of Riva Farias

    Riva Farias Executive Producer

  2. Photo of Antônio Cristiano

    Antônio Cristiano Producer

  3. Photo of Ivan De Souza

    Ivan De Souza Producer

  4. Photo of Mauro Lando

    Mauro Lando Producer

  5. Photo of Wilmar Menezes

    Wilmar Menezes Producer

  6. Photo of Joni Natorf Schlomer

    Joni Natorf Schlomer Producer

  7. Photo of Berilo Faccio

    Berilo Faccio Screenplay

  8. Photo of José Medeiros

    José Medeiros Cinematography

  9. Photo of Roberto Carlos

    Roberto Carlos Cast and Music

  10. Photo of Erasmo Carlos

    Erasmo Carlos Cast

  11. Photo of Wanderléia

    Wanderléia Cast

  12. Photo of José Lewgoy

    José Lewgoy Cast

  13. Photo of Teruo Nakatami

    Teruo Nakatami Cast

  14. Photo of Roberto Farias

    Roberto Farias Editing, Director Screenplay

  15. Photo of Rafael Justo Valverde

    Rafael Justo Valverde Editing

  16. Photo of Rogério Farias

    Rogério Farias Sound and Producer

  17. Photo of José Ari

    José Ari Sound

  18. Photo of Alberto Vianna

    Alberto Vianna Sound

  19. Photo of Geraldo José

    Geraldo José Sound

  20. Photo of Anisio Medeiros

    Anisio Medeiros Costume Design and Production Design