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Ratings & Reviews

  1. chanandre's rating of the film Robinson Crusoe

    There's not a literary, film or animation adaptation of Daniel Defoe's book I don't adore to death. Especially this one. Hugged my whole lonely teen daydreaming imaginary: deserted island, having my own dog, a 'tree-house', aloneness, my beach, my coconut trees. Here began my lifelong man-love for Pierce Brosnan (My all-time fave Bond). Today, I cringe with its deism & find the "civilized" vs "savage" embarrassing.∇

  2. Ryuu Baron's rating of the film Robinson Crusoe

    Still a better love story than twilight.

  3. Bogdan Liviu's rating of the film Robinson Crusoe

    I was looking for Luis Bunuel version and I saw this movie accidentally. Still a decent movie, though. "In my studies I had come to learn of religious wars that had plagued mankind since the beginning of time. But how sad I thought that in this universe of two, religion had sparked our own war. Something had to be done."