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  1. SVS-XIU's rating of the film RoboCop

  2. Aulia Indry's rating of the film RoboCop

    Tingkatan emosional si robocop dibanding film pertama yang dirilis cukup signifikan. Mungkin para penonton akan lebih berasa kesedihan dan ketakutan dari robocop itu sendiri

  3. Log Lady's rating of the film RoboCop

    A clinical PG-13 bore that adds no value whatsoever to the RoboCop franchise. There's just no point to remake something like this, when the result is considerably tamer and more pedestrian. You might get some basic Friday night action fluff entertainment from this, but that's about it. I like Kinnaman though, and the thought that Oldman too got involved in this just aggravates me.

  4. the_mentaculus's rating of the film RoboCop

    Less gleefully satirical than the original, but just as allegorical. While there is no self-awareness, favoring straightforward action, the mechanisms (sorry) of the characters vary so wildly from the source you have to give it adequate pause. This Alex, who is destroyed by a car bomb, rebuilt by a defense contractor, and then reconciled with his family, is airing some serious current-affairs wartime grievances.

  5. Ade Hendy's rating of the film RoboCop

    Jauh dibandingkan versi Paul Verhoeven

  6. Diderot's rating of the film RoboCop

    A terrible re-make that nonetheless has a pretty great supporting cast. Also using The Clash for the closing credits is nice.

  7. jonijtr's rating of the film RoboCop

    I was expect a fuckin nut-shot like in the original, and all that i got is a film with no blood at all? Hollywood nowadays are fuckin pussy, still a good entertainment though.

  8. Mark O. Stack's rating of the film RoboCop

    The movie implies a direction diverging from the original as it dips its toes into body horror before dashing to fill a more familiar action movie formula.

  9. Jeremy Ashlyn's rating of the film RoboCop

    film version of 'robocop' art project.

  10. James Mackin's rating of the film RoboCop

    Fuck this unnecessary remake.

  11. Àlex Frias Haro's rating of the film RoboCop

    Aunque es interesante su idea de abordar la historia original al estilo Dr. Frankenstein, y que tiene buenos efectos especiales y a un gran Gary Oldman, carece la visionaria aproximación y violencia impactante del primer filme.

  12. Christopher M. Jones's rating of the film RoboCop

    A frustrating experience: for every interesting curveball or interesting performance there's something predictable, ideologically confused or just plain dumb happening in the script. It's MUCH better than it has any right to be, with great body horror and surprisingly solid character building, but still feels hobbled by blockbuster convention and focus testing.

  13. Matt's rating of the film RoboCop

    Not as good as the original but, you know what; it ain't bad. Some good action (even if it does look too much like a video game at times), effects, mostly good acting and even some of the original's wit.

  14. Thomas's rating of the film RoboCop

    Refreshing to see the premise revisited, but this version suffers from being overly toned-down from Verhoeven's 1987 original. Much of the darkly comic satire and corporate dystopian vision is lost here. On the plus side the new outfit design looks great.

  15. Drew Kelly's rating of the film RoboCop

    Acutally surprisingly good--an emotional look into when a man loses his emotions...that feeling we can all relate to: am I just another person, normal, a robot? Can I get off my ass and do something creative?! Also, awesome cinematography here!

  16. Graham Ball's rating of the film RoboCop

    Another remake/ reboot (what's the difference these days?) that could have been awful but just manages to drag itself above the acceptable level of tedium to clamber to two stars. The eternal question has to be why bother in the first place!!!

  17. runfromfire's rating of the film RoboCop

    As an homage to the original it fails miserably but as a mid-grade sci-fi flick it works well enough. Good supporting cast but Kinnaman was robotic even before his robo-conversion.

  18. Hollywood Overdose's rating of the film RoboCop

    Technology just entertains and amuses.

  19. StevO's rating of the film RoboCop

    It has some genuinely original moments, confronts you with disassembling the human body to what's essential. Such moments are pearls in the usual blockbuster pile of **** but it is still worth watching to me.

  20. nargs_au's rating of the film RoboCop

    I want my 117 minutes back.

  21. Carl Penguin's rating of the film RoboCop

    almost 4 stars. -> this is the best robocop movie in my opinion. i need a sequel.

  22. staglias's rating of the film RoboCop

    very nice to look at, but softer than, and not exactly consistent with the spirit of the original.

  23. Droog811's rating of the film RoboCop

    None of the charm and dark humor of the original...a waste of time...

  24. Juan Valero's rating of the film RoboCop

    Pudo haber sido peor. Después de todos lo problemas que tuvo Padilha para poder terminar la película, logró algo rescatable.

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