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  1. Photo of Ernie Fosselius

    Ernie Fosselius Screenplay

  2. Photo of Peter Albin

    Peter Albin Self

  3. Photo of Big Brother and the Holding Company

    Big Brother and the Holding Company Self

  4. Photo of John H. Browne Jr.

    John H. Browne Jr. Self

  5. Photo of Robert G. Elston

    Robert G. Elston Self

  6. Photo of Johnnie Fingers

    Johnnie Fingers Self

  7. Photo of Alton Kelley

    Alton Kelley Self

  8. Photo of Chan Laughlin

    Chan Laughlin Self

  9. Photo of Luria

    Luria Self

  10. Photo of Ellen Harmon

    Ellen Harmon Self

  11. Photo of Bill Ham

    Bill Ham Self

  12. Photo of Don Works

    Don Works Self

  13. Photo of Mark Unobsky

    Mark Unobsky Self

  14. Photo of Howard Hesseman

    Howard Hesseman Self

  15. Photo of Stephen Lighthill

    Stephen Lighthill Cinematography

  16. Photo of Jamie Maxtone-Graham

    Jamie Maxtone-Graham Cinematography

  17. Photo of Meg Partridge

    Meg Partridge Cinematography

  18. Photo of Jerry Slick

    Jerry Slick Cinematography

  19. Photo of The Charlatans

    The Charlatans Music

  20. Photo of Big Brother & The Holding Company

    Big Brother & The Holding Company Music

  21. Photo of Jefferson Airplane

    Jefferson Airplane Music

  22. Photo of Grateful Dead

    Grateful Dead Music

  23. Photo of The Final Solution

    The Final Solution Music

  24. Photo of Roslyn Works

    Roslyn Works Producer

  25. Photo of John Nutt

    John Nutt Producer, Sound, Editing Screenplay

  26. Photo of Jerrold J. Schwartz

    Jerrold J. Schwartz Producer

  27. Photo of Mary Works

    Mary Works Sound, Screenplay, Director Producer

  28. Photo of Richard Quinn

    Richard Quinn Sound

  29. Photo of Kyrsten Mate Comoglio

    Kyrsten Mate Comoglio Sound

  30. Photo of Malcolm Fife

    Malcolm Fife Sound