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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Dan Kenneth Gigernes's rating of the film Rocky II

    Solid sequel and rematch that continues the story with the same cast and crew. Luckily it still has some realism to it even if it ends with a crowd pleasing ending this time. An unnecessary whopping five minute repeat of the first film's last minutes feels too much though.

  2. James Mackin's rating of the film Rocky II

    If you were sad Rocky lost in the first film, well this film is for you.

  3. Star Lord's rating of the film Rocky II

    Capitolo 2. 3,5 stelle per il rematch contro Apollo.

  4. Diego Carrera's rating of the film Rocky II

    2.5 stars for the film, none for its chauvinistic character.

  5. MAO1's rating of the film Rocky II

  6. Tiago Batista Santos's rating of the film Rocky II

    9/10 Without the briese of dramatic manipulation would have been perfect.

  7. Adam Z's rating of the film Rocky II

    There's some shots that are real pretty, some scenes that are real powerful, and the climactic thirty minutes or so are pretty great. But the thing as a whole doesn't have the power of the first film. It's a little disjointed. Editing sometimes off. Movie though still very good. It's a legit, intelligent continuation of the first film's story.

  8. Ricardo Zambujo's rating of the film Rocky II

  9. As'ad's rating of the film Rocky II

    Actually not bad. The fight at the end is certainly better directed then the first film, much more intensity, speed and creativity. Also the ending is truly cathartic, unlike the first with it's rather shoddy execution. A decent film where faith and family intertwine with manhood, pride and guts. Gotta love the fully intentional "City Lights" homage in that last round...

  10. Dana Henson's rating of the film Rocky II

    This is a great continuation of the original film. Burgess Meredith really should have gotten an Oscar for this one specifically. His frustrated attempts to reach Rocky when he's having an emotional crisis are angry, hilarious, heartfelt and raw. He was irreplaceable. Also, Bill Conti's music has never been better. The opening track "Redemption" is so damn good.

  11. Jacob McKinley's rating of the film Rocky II

    Might slowly be becoming my favorite of the series.