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  1. Photo of Sylvester Stallone

    Sylvester Stallone Cast and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Talia Shire

    Talia Shire Cast

  3. Photo of Burt Young

    Burt Young Cast

  4. Photo of Sage Stallone

    Sage Stallone Cast

  5. Photo of Tommy Morrison

    Tommy Morrison Cast

  6. Photo of Bill Conti

    Bill Conti Music

  7. Photo of William J. Cassidy

    William J. Cassidy Production Design

  8. Photo of Robert Chartoff

    Robert Chartoff Producer

  9. Photo of Irwin Winkler

    Irwin Winkler Producer

  10. Photo of Michael S. Glick

    Michael S. Glick Executive Producer

  11. Photo of John G. Avildsen

    John G. Avildsen Editing and Director

  12. Photo of Robert A. Ferretti

    Robert A. Ferretti Editing

  13. Photo of Michael N. Knue

    Michael N. Knue Editing