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  1. Photo of Philip G. Atwell

    Philip G. Atwell Director

  2. Photo of Lee Anthony Smith

    Lee Anthony Smith Screenplay

  3. Photo of Gregory J. Bradley

    Gregory J. Bradley Screenplay

  4. Photo of Jet Li

    Jet Li Cast

  5. Photo of Jason Statham

    Jason Statham Cast

  6. Photo of John Lone

    John Lone Cast

  7. Photo of Devon Aoki

    Devon Aoki Cast

  8. Photo of Luis Guzmán

    Luis Guzmán Cast

  9. Photo of Saul Rubinek

    Saul Rubinek Cast

  10. Photo of Ryo Ishibashi

    Ryo Ishibashi Cast

  11. Photo of Sung Kang

    Sung Kang Cast

  12. Photo of Mathew St. Patrick

    Mathew St. Patrick Cast

  13. Photo of Nadine Velazquez

    Nadine Velazquez Cast

  14. Photo of Andrea Roth

    Andrea Roth Cast

  15. Photo of Mark Cheng

    Mark Cheng Cast

  16. Photo of Kane Kosugi

    Kane Kosugi Cast

  17. Photo of Kennedy Montano

    Kennedy Montano Cast

  18. Photo of Terry Chen

    Terry Chen Cast

  19. Photo of Pierre Morel

    Pierre Morel Cinematography

  20. Photo of Brian Tyler

    Brian Tyler Music

  21. Photo of Chris August

    Chris August Production Design

  22. Photo of Steve Chasman

    Steve Chasman Producer

  23. Photo of Christopher Petzel

    Christopher Petzel Producer

  24. Photo of Jim Thompson

    Jim Thompson Producer

  25. Photo of Peter Block

    Peter Block Executive Producer

  26. Photo of Mike Elliott

    Mike Elliott Executive Producer

  27. Photo of Michael Paseornek

    Michael Paseornek Executive Producer

  28. Photo of John Sacchi

    John Sacchi Executive Producer

  29. Photo of Scott Richter

    Scott Richter Editing

  30. Photo of Lars Ekstrom

    Lars Ekstrom Sound

  31. Photo of Nerses Gezalyan

    Nerses Gezalyan Sound

  32. Photo of Michael T. Williamson

    Michael T. Williamson Sound

  33. Photo of Gary Hebert

    Gary Hebert Animation

  34. Photo of Cynthia Ann Summers

    Cynthia Ann Summers Costume Design