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  1. Photo of Jim Bray

    Jim Bray Cast

  2. Photo of Beverly Garland

    Beverly Garland Cast

  3. Photo of James Van Patten

    James Van Patten Cast

  4. Photo of Sean McClory

    Sean McClory Cast

  5. Photo of Mark Goddard

    Mark Goddard Cast

  6. Photo of Stoney Jackson

    Stoney Jackson Cast

  7. Photo of M.G. Kelly

    M.G. Kelly Cast

  8. Photo of Christopher Nelson

    Christopher Nelson Cast

  9. Photo of Linda Blair

    Linda Blair Cast

  10. Photo of Roger Perry

    Roger Perry Cast

  11. Photo of Kimberly Beck

    Kimberly Beck Cast

  12. Photo of Albert Insinnia

    Albert Insinnia Cast

  13. Photo of Mark L. Lester

    Mark L. Lester Director

  14. Photo of Irwin Yablans

    Irwin Yablans Screenplay and Executive Producer

  15. Photo of Barry Schneider

    Barry Schneider Screenplay

  16. Photo of Bruce Cohn Curtis

    Bruce Cohn Curtis Producer

  17. Photo of Bob Esty

    Bob Esty Music

  18. Photo of Craig Safan

    Craig Safan Music

  19. Photo of Dean Cundey

    Dean Cundey Cinematography

  20. Photo of Byron 'Buzz' Brandt

    Byron 'Buzz' Brandt Editing

  21. Photo of Edilberto Cruz

    Edilberto Cruz Editing

  22. Photo of M. Edward Salier

    M. Edward Salier Editing