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  1. Photo of Olli Soinio

    Olli Soinio Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Allu Tuppurainen

    Allu Tuppurainen Screenplay and Cast

  3. Photo of Sari Mällinen

    Sari Mällinen Cast

  4. Photo of Rolf Labbart

    Rolf Labbart Cast

  5. Photo of Jussi Lampi

    Jussi Lampi Cast

  6. Photo of Risto Kaskilahti

    Risto Kaskilahti Cast

  7. Photo of Harri Hyttinen

    Harri Hyttinen Cast

  8. Photo of Heikki Kujanpää

    Heikki Kujanpää Cast

  9. Photo of Suvi Lindstedt

    Suvi Lindstedt Cast

  10. Photo of Rauha Puntti

    Rauha Puntti Cast

  11. Photo of Leo Raivio

    Leo Raivio Cast

  12. Photo of Annaleena Sipilä

    Annaleena Sipilä Cast

  13. Photo of Kimmo Taavila

    Kimmo Taavila Cast

  14. Photo of Kari Sohlberg

    Kari Sohlberg Cinematography

  15. Photo of Antti Hytti

    Antti Hytti Music

  16. Photo of Pentti Hilkamo

    Pentti Hilkamo Production Design

  17. Photo of Asko Apajalahti

    Asko Apajalahti Executive Producer

  18. Photo of Marko Röhr

    Marko Röhr Executive Producer

  19. Photo of Irma Taina

    Irma Taina Editing

  20. Photo of Matti Kuortti

    Matti Kuortti Sound

  21. Photo of Olli Pärnänen

    Olli Pärnänen Sound

  22. Photo of Mila Niemi

    Mila Niemi Costume Design