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  1. saitosouta's rating of the film Roma

    Despite sad premise, "Roma" is intimate & heartwarming film. I hope she will be happy, I hope he will be happy. This movie deserves better of Palme d'Or than Miller's previous "ver llover"

  2. Cid Medeiros's rating of the film Roma

  3. pipchubs's rating of the film Roma

    Short and sweet. An act of pure kindness by a stranger that's rare to see now a days. Amazing film!!

  4. Yasser Azmy's rating of the film Roma

    Give your child hope, the most profound life lesson you can give for the younger beings!, well acted

  5. Sonia's rating of the film Roma

    Don't pass up this modest gem.

  6. Diegho Covarrubias's rating of the film Roma

    No recuerdo exactamente la fecha en la que se estreno el Cortometraje, pero tuve la suerte de asistir al estreno en el Teatro Morelos en Cuernavaca, ahi también conocí a la Directora del mismo Elisa Miller y pude ver también el cortometraje ganador de la palma de oro "Ver llover".

  7. FemmeCannoise's rating of the film Roma

    A quiet film that give one hope about kindness and determination.

  8. jesuskinski's rating of the film Roma

    really an amazing Film. Visually Strong, the plot ist minimal, but the underlines and the background do the job. The sound is great. You have to see it!

  9. Debanjan's rating of the film Roma

    A short sweet film - makes one think about life's possibilities amidst unfavorable circumstances. A few camera shakes could have been avoided.

  10. Veritas Verte's rating of the film Roma

    Amor/Roma. This is the first time I've seen menstruation represented visually in a film, as a simple and natural fact that even a male character can understand. Also, it's a relief to see a film where sexual violence is not the first thought of a male character when a female character is exposed.

  11. C's rating of the film Roma

    I really wanted to hit that girl.

  12. Alex Khype's rating of the film Roma