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  1. Photo of Michael Curtiz

    Michael Curtiz Director and Producer

  2. Photo of Julius J. Epstein

    Julius J. Epstein Screenplay

  3. Photo of Philip G. Epstein

    Philip G. Epstein Screenplay

  4. Photo of Carlos A. Olivari

    Carlos A. Olivari Screenplay

  5. Photo of Sixto Póndal Ríos

    Sixto Póndal Ríos Screenplay

  6. Photo of Jack Carson

    Jack Carson Cast

  7. Photo of Janis Paige

    Janis Paige Cast

  8. Photo of Don DeFore

    Don DeFore Cast

  9. Photo of Doris Day

    Doris Day Cast

  10. Photo of Oscar Levant

    Oscar Levant Cast and Music

  11. Photo of S.Z. Sakall

    S.Z. Sakall Cast

  12. Photo of Fortunio Bonanova

    Fortunio Bonanova Cast

  13. Photo of Eric Blore

    Eric Blore Cast

  14. Photo of Franklin Pangborn

    Franklin Pangborn Cast

  15. Photo of Leslie Brooks

    Leslie Brooks Cast

  16. Photo of William Bakewell

    William Bakewell Cast

  17. Photo of John Berkes

    John Berkes Cast

  18. Photo of Avon Long

    Avon Long Cast

  19. Photo of Page Cavanaugh

    Page Cavanaugh Cast

  20. Photo of Sir Lancelot

    Sir Lancelot Cast

  21. Photo of Page Cavanaugh Trio

    Page Cavanaugh Trio Cast

  22. Photo of Elwood Bredell

    Elwood Bredell Cinematography

  23. Photo of Ray Heindorf

    Ray Heindorf Music

  24. Photo of Anton Grot

    Anton Grot Production Design

  25. Photo of Alex Gottlieb

    Alex Gottlieb Producer

  26. Photo of Rudi Fehr

    Rudi Fehr Editing

  27. Photo of Everett A. Brown

    Everett A. Brown Sound

  28. Photo of Charles David Forrest

    Charles David Forrest Sound