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  1. reddykalpanan's rating of the film Romántico

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  2. hugojude's rating of the film Romántico

    A beautiful, stark glimpse into the lifestyle of a working man. The setting is grasping. Those behind the lens are incredibly memorable.

  3. Robert H. Stevens's rating of the film Romántico

    The best film I have seen in a very long time. I was on the verge of tears for parts of it. It demonstrates the infinite complexity within each person which we readily dismiss when we see them on the street, or perhaps busking near our table at a restaurant. A very simple idea, but one that is so rewarding.

  4. Allison Vivian Fine's rating of the film Romántico

    This film captivated from beginning to end. The raw portrayal of these characters, whose desire for a better life is constantly thwarted by circumstance is compelling for multiple reasons. One is the actors themselves and the directing and two is the authenticity of the setting and scene. The music is incomparable and showers us with gorgeous sound as we follow the difficult lives of the characters.

  5. Em Kim's rating of the film Romántico

    Very personal and centered around some people one can get very attached to. Also, the cinematography is lovingly done and immersive. There are several moments where the dialog strategically stops so you can see more into Carmelo's world and attempt to understand it. Overall well done, a unique look into a group of peoples' lives that society tends to ignore.

  6. John's rating of the film Romántico

    Romantico is a well made documentary into the life of one of the many people who try to make a living in the US. What is great about this film is that it shows the struggles that many face when returning home to their families after having stayed in the US for so long. Instead of focusing on life in the US, this documentary focuses on the home perspective which not many get to see. Overall, good film.

  7. daniel's rating of the film Romántico

    Romantico caught my eye while I was selecting a movie due to its relevance to new government immigration policies and the impending decision on the Mexican border. Eye-opening to how this can happen in our own country but seem so far away, the film deconstructs the immigrant experience upon entering our country, and raises the question on if, as a country, we should be focusing on supporting these struggling people.

  8. Blake Stefansen's rating of the film Romántico

    Romantico tells the heavy-hearted story of a man named Carmelo Sanchez in search of a better life for his family. Like many immigrants, Carmelo leaves his home in Mexico to go find work in the United States to not only provide, but to pay for his children's education. Documenting the daily struggles of immigrant work and low-income, Mark Becker has created a film that everyone can empathize with one way or another.

  9. Calvin Head's rating of the film Romántico

    Romantico is a tough plot line to stomach. Its a documentary and it does a brilliant job at bringing you the sobering truth of the life of a mexican immigrant. Director Becker brings you into the mind of Carmelo, emphasizing daze with film. The poetry that exists within Carmelos relentless hardships beautifully reveals his ruggedly triumphant spirit. Creating sympathy without pity is what makes this film entrancing.

  10. Vassilis Tsitsopoulos's rating of the film Romántico

    This is beautiful and heart-rending. The wisdom and kindness of this talented man with a first-grade education is extraordinary.

  11. Slappy McGee's rating of the film Romántico

    (3.5 stars) A nicely made documentary chronicling the sad life of a mariachi who has a big heart but little means. He desperately wants to take care of his family and does his very best to try to do that... but his career choice and social situation makes it extremely tough. Kind of heartbreaking.

  12. eric gould's rating of the film Romántico

    This intimate glimpse into Mariachi Carmelo Muniz' life begins on San Francisco's streets stained with the grit of a Kerouac nocturne. Together with close friend Arturo, they eke it out as a mariachi trio -- yet they are only a duo -- performing in restaurants and earning nearly $100 between them. Although both men have crossed the border from Mexico for a new life in California, troubles back home beckon.

  13. HEDONIST's rating of the film Romántico

    A captivating portrait of an aging troubadour in the twilight of his career, attempting to navigate between his existence back in his home in Mexico and his life in the states as an undocumented street performer. A film rich in social commentary, straddling themes of disillusion and romantic distemperment, Romántico offers a refreshing, vivid account of the plight of the artist in a contemporary light.