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  1. Photo of Michael Apted

    Michael Apted Director

  2. Photo of Mikael Salomon

    Mikael Salomon Director

  3. Photo of Allen Coulter

    Allen Coulter Director

  4. Photo of Alan Poul

    Alan Poul Director

  5. Photo of Steve Shill

    Steve Shill Director

  6. Photo of Timothy Van Patten

    Timothy Van Patten Director

  7. Photo of Alan Taylor

    Alan Taylor Director

  8. Photo of John Maybury

    John Maybury Director

  9. Photo of Julian Farino

    Julian Farino Director

  10. Photo of Jeremy Podeswa

    Jeremy Podeswa Director

  11. Photo of Adam Davidson

    Adam Davidson Director

  12. Photo of Carl Franklin

    Carl Franklin Director

  13. Photo of Roger Young

    Roger Young Director

  14. Photo of William J. MacDonald

    William J. MacDonald Screenplay and Executive Producer

  15. Photo of John Milius

    John Milius Screenplay and Executive Producer

  16. Photo of David Frankel

    David Frankel Screenplay

  17. Photo of Alexandra Cunningham

    Alexandra Cunningham Screenplay

  18. Photo of Adrian Hodges

    Adrian Hodges Screenplay

  19. Photo of Scott Buck

    Scott Buck Screenplay

  20. Photo of Todd Ellis Kessler

    Todd Ellis Kessler Screenplay

  21. Photo of Mere Smith

    Mere Smith Screenplay

  22. Photo of Eoghan Mahony

    Eoghan Mahony Screenplay

  23. Photo of Kevin McKidd

    Kevin McKidd Cast

  24. Photo of Ray Stevenson

    Ray Stevenson Cast

  25. Photo of Polly Walker

    Polly Walker Cast

  26. Photo of Kerry Condon

    Kerry Condon Cast

  27. Photo of James Purefoy

    James Purefoy Cast

  28. Photo of Ian McNeice

    Ian McNeice Cast

  29. Photo of Coral Amiga

    Coral Amiga Cast

  30. Photo of Lindsay Duncan

    Lindsay Duncan Cast

  31. Photo of Lidia Biondi

    Lidia Biondi Cast

  32. Photo of Tobias Menzies

    Tobias Menzies Cast

  33. Photo of Nicholas Woodeson

    Nicholas Woodeson Cast

  34. Photo of David Bamber

    David Bamber Cast

  35. Photo of Chiara Mastalli

    Chiara Mastalli Cast

  36. Photo of Ciarán Hinds

    Ciarán Hinds Cast

  37. Photo of Lee Boardman

    Lee Boardman Cast

  38. Photo of Max Pirkis

    Max Pirkis Cast

  39. Photo of Kenneth Cranham

    Kenneth Cranham Cast

  40. Photo of Karl Johnson

    Karl Johnson Cast

  41. Photo of Indira Varma

    Indira Varma Cast

  42. Photo of Suzanne Bertish

    Suzanne Bertish Cast

  43. Photo of Paul Jesson

    Paul Jesson Cast

  44. Photo of Simon Woods

    Simon Woods Cast

  45. Photo of Lyndsey Marshal

    Lyndsey Marshal Cast

  46. Photo of Marco Pontecorvo

    Marco Pontecorvo Cinematography

  47. Photo of Alik Sakharov

    Alik Sakharov Cinematography and Director

  48. Photo of Martin Kenzie

    Martin Kenzie Cinematography

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