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  1. Photo of Valerien Schmidely

    Valerien Schmidely Director

  2. Photo of Hans Trommer

    Hans Trommer Screenplay and Director

  3. Photo of Horst Budjuhn

    Horst Budjuhn Screenplay

  4. Photo of Gottfried Keller

    Gottfried Keller Screenplay

  5. Photo of Emil Gerber

    Emil Gerber Cast

  6. Photo of Emil Gyr

    Emil Gyr Cast

  7. Photo of Erwin Kohlund

    Erwin Kohlund Cast

  8. Photo of Johannes Steiner

    Johannes Steiner Cast

  9. Photo of Margrit Winter

    Margrit Winter Cast

  10. Photo of Anni Dürig

    Anni Dürig Cast

  11. Photo of Walburga Gmür

    Walburga Gmür Cast

  12. Photo of Ella Kottusch

    Ella Kottusch Cast

  13. Photo of Dorli Zäch

    Dorli Zäch Cast

  14. Photo of Richard Schuhmacher

    Richard Schuhmacher Cast

  15. Photo of Hans Fehrmann

    Hans Fehrmann Cast

  16. Photo of Gustav Gnehm

    Gustav Gnehm Cast

  17. Photo of Max Röthlisberger

    Max Röthlisberger Cast

  18. Photo of Ursula von Wiese

    Ursula von Wiese Cast

  19. Photo of Fredy Lucca

    Fredy Lucca Cast

  20. Photo of Louis Mattlé

    Louis Mattlé Cast

  21. Photo of Jimmy Ramp

    Jimmy Ramp Cast

  22. Photo of Ady Lumpert

    Ady Lumpert Cinematography

  23. Photo of Jack Trommer

    Jack Trommer Music