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  1. Eric Rucker's rating of the film Room 237

    So many consumers, so few readers. Has (almost) nobody here ever created? Read literature? Studied art history? Jazz? Classical? Regardless of whether The Shining is art/lit, great culture is so much more complex, deep, and rich in intention than the theories in 237 ascribed to Kubrick, that it is plausible and likely he gave it as much thought or more than proposed here, right or not. PS: Postmodernism, look it up.

  2. ShawnD's rating of the film Room 237

    Some of the people putting forth the theories here are not well (hi fake moon landing guy). So the movie alternates between amusing, interesting and genuinely disturbing. There is probably a germ of truth to what's put forth, but the film's underlying question--was Kubrick conscious of the subtext(s)?--can't possibly be answered no matter how talented the filmmakers.

  3. Brandon's rating of the film Room 237

    And I thought I read into subliminal images too much...geez. These are mostly over the top...with a few plausible realities, but ultimately the inclusion of some pretty ludicrous theories makes it unwatchable

  4. Thivai's rating of the film Room 237

    Is this the reason we discuss and debate about our favorite (or despised) films?

  5. Hakan Karakuş's rating of the film Room 237

    I was learn so many things in the school about the movie. But this is more obsessed. I like it.

  6. William R Clark's rating of the film Room 237

    I get that it's supposed to be a mixture of Errol Morris -style soft exploitation and an actual appreciation for the film itself, but, I dunno, it irks me. When some guy was like "Kubrick had a 200 IQ" I wanted to splash a glass of Pinot Gris on his face. Conspiracy theories are fun, cults of genius a little less so.

  7. Peter Walsh's rating of the film Room 237

    An visual essay that lives wholly in the marginalia of Kubrick's epic film. Tearing down the walls between internet ravings and academic deep readings proves both liberating and infuriating. Subversively antagonistic in that sense, if maybe not as illuminating as might be hoped for.

  8. Slappy McGee's rating of the film Room 237

    Underwhelming and overreaching in stuff that is just guesswork and unverified conjecture. Not very entertaining either. Some interesting theories but nothing more than silly "conspiracy" type ghost stories and theories. Meh. Pass.

  9. cesheri's rating of the film Room 237

    Why do non-comedies, esp this one, make me laugh so much more than most comedies ?

  10. photo_aurora's rating of the film Room 237

    I was never a big fan of The Shining, but, WOW! You don't have to like or remember the original very much to thoroughly enjoy this documentary. A fascinating movie, perfect for all cinema and art lovers. Highly recommended!

  11. Wee Hunk's rating of the film Room 237

    Why indulge the crazies? Is the point to make fun of them? Watch 'Dark Side of the Moon' instead.

  12. Adam GR's rating of the film Room 237

    Sundance, really? Stammering opines from five people offer a couple interesting interpretations, but these phoned-in, faceless voices mostly observe artistic patterns (with the assumed premise the evidence is conspiratorial genius) and bring nuanced, personal baggage into theorizing Kubrick's work. Amateurish direction by definition.

  13. ejonline's rating of the film Room 237

    I had long heard about various eccentric readings of the Shining and so looked forward to watching this. In the end I felt queasy. Some of these analyses are so paranoid that I worry about the mental health of the person putting them forward. It started to feel like a freak show. Their voice overs sound open and sincere, making the experience of listening to their odd and obsessive thoughts feel invasive and creepy.

  14. Cinemadisc's rating of the film Room 237

    Would liked to have heard more on conspiracies related to other Kubrick films in particular Eyes Wide Shut. Still a great doc about a true cinema visionary.

  15. ArkenUltor's rating of the film Room 237

    I saw the shining when I was younger and I was terrified, but I always just thought it was a perplexing artistic take on the horror genre. Who knows what Kubrick meant by it all? What seems to matter is that it has so many layers of complexity people can find their own meanings within the film. This being said it was hard for me to care as a casual viewer considering I am not engrossed in the shining.

  16. John C. Koch's rating of the film Room 237

    Painful and pointless. 103 minutes of foolish people prattling on. So false pattern recognition is a thing – I get it. The film finally lost me from the moment the guy said there were no good films in the 1960’s until 2001: A Space Odyssey came along. I can’t stand listening to this kind of talk. It’s almost like listening to our deranged president speak. No facts, woefully bad observations and wild exaggerations.

  17. Jooyeon Huh's rating of the film Room 237

    At first I couldn’t help but muffle my laugh because these theories were so outlandish. Then I began thinking the props were too specific to be a coincidence. Apollo 13 sweater, hexagonal carpet, Indian-themed baking powder cans, 42 cars parked outside the hotel... I can’t unsee! Even if the conclusions may not be so true, I now believe there were conscious decisions behind including them in the Shining.

  18. Monkey Flix's rating of the film Room 237

    I agree that not much in a Kubrick film is there by accident, but JEEZ, some of these people are bonkers! A watchable portrayal of obsessive delusion.

  19. Honeychurch's rating of the film Room 237

  20. Tyler Barton's rating of the film Room 237

    Very interesting insight - some parts more plausible than others - into one of the greatest films of all time. I wish all of my favorite movies had an accompanying documentary like this.

  21. Ralph Melcher's rating of the film Room 237

    A film about a film that explores the nature of reality itself, diving very deeply down the rabbit hole.

  22. David R Williams's rating of the film Room 237

    Utterly compelling. Hysterical and head-scratching. No matter how far afield it goes, you end up having to agree...that actually makes sense.

  23. Sin título.'s rating of the film Room 237

  24. Landen Celano's rating of the film Room 237

    The more ridiculous it gets, the more I love it.

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