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  1. Photo of Benito Alazraki

    Benito Alazraki Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Manuel Barbachano Ponce

    Manuel Barbachano Ponce Producer and Screenplay

  3. Photo of Fernando Espejo

    Fernando Espejo Screenplay

  4. Photo of José Miguel García Ascot

    José Miguel García Ascot Screenplay

  5. Photo of María Elena Lazo

    María Elena Lazo Screenplay

  6. Photo of Francisco Rojas González

    Francisco Rojas González Screenplay

  7. Photo of Carlos Velo

    Carlos Velo Screenplay

  8. Photo of Hans Beimler

    Hans Beimler Cinematography

  9. Photo of Walter Reuter

    Walter Reuter Cinematography

  10. Photo of Juan de la Cruz

    Juan de la Cruz Cast

  11. Photo of Juan Cano

    Juan Cano Cast

  12. Photo of Conchita Montes

    Conchita Montes Cast

  13. Photo of Eduardo Urruchua

    Eduardo Urruchua Cast

  14. Photo of Rafael Ramírez

    Rafael Ramírez Cast

  15. Photo of Olimpia Alazraki

    Olimpia Alazraki Cast

  16. Photo of Juan Hernàndez

    Juan Hernàndez Cast

  17. Photo of Ángel Lara

    Ángel Lara Cast

  18. Photo of Antonia Hernández

    Antonia Hernández Cast

  19. Photo of Mario Herrera

    Mario Herrera Cast

  20. Photo of Alicia del Lago

    Alicia del Lago Cast

  21. Photo of Carlos Robles Gil

    Carlos Robles Gil Cast

  22. Photo of Laura Holt

    Laura Holt Cast

  23. Photo of Miguel Campos

    Miguel Campos Editing

  24. Photo of Luis Sobreyra

    Luis Sobreyra Editing

  25. Photo of Adolfo de la Riva T.

    Adolfo de la Riva T. Sound

  26. Photo of Blas Galindo

    Blas Galindo Music

  27. Photo of Rodolfo Halffter

    Rodolfo Halffter Music

  28. Photo of Pablo L. Moncayo

    Pablo L. Moncayo Music

  29. Photo of Guillermo Noriega

    Guillermo Noriega Music