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  1. Photo of Valeria Sarmiento

    Valeria Sarmiento Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of José Triana

    José Triana Screenplay

  3. Photo of Juan Luis Galiardo

    Juan Luis Galiardo Cast

  4. Photo of Luisa María Jiménez

    Luisa María Jiménez Cast

  5. Photo of Abel Rodriguez

    Abel Rodriguez Cast

  6. Photo of Daisy Granados

    Daisy Granados Cast

  7. Photo of Yipsia Torres

    Yipsia Torres Cast

  8. Photo of Aurora Basnuevo

    Aurora Basnuevo Cast

  9. Photo of Mario Limonta

    Mario Limonta Cast

  10. Photo of Lester Martínez

    Lester Martínez Cast

  11. Photo of Rogelio Blain

    Rogelio Blain Cast

  12. Photo of Veronica Lynn

    Veronica Lynn Cast

  13. Photo of Rolando Núñez

    Rolando Núñez Cast

  14. Photo of Acácio de Almeida

    Acácio de Almeida Cinematography

  15. Photo of Paquito D'Rivera

    Paquito D'Rivera Music

  16. Photo of Oriente López

    Oriente López Music

  17. Photo of Isabel Branco

    Isabel Branco Production Design

  18. Photo of Raúl Oliva

    Raúl Oliva Production Design

  19. Photo of Paulo Branco

    Paulo Branco Producer

  20. Photo of Gerardo Herrero

    Gerardo Herrero Producer and Executive Producer

  21. Photo of Carmen Frías

    Carmen Frías Editing

  22. Photo of Gilles Ortion

    Gilles Ortion Sound