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  1. Photo of W.S. Van Dyke

    W.S. Van Dyke Director

  2. Photo of Guy Bolton

    Guy Bolton Screenplay

  3. Photo of William Anthony McGuire

    William Anthony McGuire Screenplay and Producer

  4. Photo of Cole Porter

    Cole Porter Music

  5. Photo of Oliver T. Marsh

    Oliver T. Marsh Cinematography

  6. Photo of Blanche Sewell

    Blanche Sewell Editing

  7. Photo of Cedric Gibbons

    Cedric Gibbons Production Design

  8. Photo of Douglas Shearer

    Douglas Shearer Sound

  9. Photo of Nelson Eddy

    Nelson Eddy Cast

  10. Photo of Eleanor Powell

    Eleanor Powell Cast

  11. Photo of Frank Morgan

    Frank Morgan Cast

  12. Photo of Edna May Oliver

    Edna May Oliver Cast

  13. Photo of Ray Bolger

    Ray Bolger Cast

  14. Photo of Ilona Massey

    Ilona Massey Cast

  15. Photo of Billy Gilbert

    Billy Gilbert Cast

  16. Photo of Reginald Owen

    Reginald Owen Cast

  17. Photo of Tom Rutherford

    Tom Rutherford Cast

  18. Photo of Clay Clement

    Clay Clement Cast

  19. Photo of Virginia Grey

    Virginia Grey Cast

  20. Photo of George Zucco

    George Zucco Cast

  21. Photo of Oscar O'Shea

    Oscar O'Shea Cast

  22. Photo of Jerry Colonna

    Jerry Colonna Cast

  23. Photo of Janet Beecher

    Janet Beecher Cast

  24. Photo of William Demarest

    William Demarest Cast