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  1. Photo of Otto Preminger

    Otto Preminger Director and Producer

  2. Photo of Paul Bonnecarrere

    Paul Bonnecarrere Screenplay

  3. Photo of Joan Hemingway

    Joan Hemingway Screenplay

  4. Photo of Erik Lee Preminger

    Erik Lee Preminger Screenplay

  5. Photo of Marjorie Kellogg

    Marjorie Kellogg Screenplay

  6. Photo of Peter O'Toole

    Peter O'Toole Cast

  7. Photo of Richard Attenborough

    Richard Attenborough Cast

  8. Photo of Peter Lawford

    Peter Lawford Cast

  9. Photo of Isabelle Huppert

    Isabelle Huppert Cast

  10. Photo of Kim Cattrall

    Kim Cattrall Cast

  11. Photo of Cliff Gorman

    Cliff Gorman Cast

  12. Photo of Claude Dauphin

    Claude Dauphin Cast

  13. Photo of John V. Lindsay

    John V. Lindsay Cast

  14. Photo of Denys N. Coop

    Denys N. Coop Cinematography

  15. Photo of Laurent Petitgirard

    Laurent Petitgirard Music

  16. Photo of Michael Seymour

    Michael Seymour Production Design

  17. Photo of Willy Holt

    Willy Holt Production Design

  18. Photo of Graham Cottle

    Graham Cottle Producer

  19. Photo of Bud Rosenthal

    Bud Rosenthal Producer

  20. Photo of Thom Noble

    Thom Noble Editing

  21. Photo of Peter Thornton

    Peter Thornton Editing

  22. Photo of Robin Gregory

    Robin Gregory Sound

  23. Photo of Don Sharpe

    Don Sharpe Sound

  24. Photo of Terry Sharratt

    Terry Sharratt Sound