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  1. Photo of Fredric Hobbs

    Fredric Hobbs Director, Screenplay Production Design

  2. Photo of E. Kerrigan Prescott

    E. Kerrigan Prescott Cast

  3. Photo of Christopher Brooks

    Christopher Brooks Cast

  4. Photo of Victor Alter

    Victor Alter Cast

  5. Photo of H.K. Bauer

    H.K. Bauer Cast

  6. Photo of Tiny Bubbles

    Tiny Bubbles Cast

  7. Photo of Marilyn Mansfield

    Marilyn Mansfield Cast

  8. Photo of Gordon Mueller

    Gordon Mueller Cinematography and Editing

  9. Photo of Habib Afif Carouba

    Habib Afif Carouba Producer

  10. Photo of Laurie Grunberg

    Laurie Grunberg Sound

  11. Photo of Jerry Lesinak

    Jerry Lesinak Sound