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  1. Photo of Sohrab Shahid Saless

    Sohrab Shahid Saless Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Manfred Korytowski

    Manfred Korytowski Producer

  3. Photo of Willi Segler

    Willi Segler Producer

  4. Photo of Ludwig Fels

    Ludwig Fels Screenplay

  5. Photo of Eberhard Scheu

    Eberhard Scheu Cinematography

  6. Photo of Silvan-Pierre Leirich

    Silvan-Pierre Leirich Cast

  7. Photo of Ursula Rosenberger

    Ursula Rosenberger Cast

  8. Photo of Jan Biczycki

    Jan Biczycki Cast

  9. Photo of Enzi Fuchs

    Enzi Fuchs Cast

  10. Photo of Ingeborg Schöner

    Ingeborg Schöner Cast

  11. Photo of Hans Häckermann

    Hans Häckermann Cast

  12. Photo of Manfred Zapatka

    Manfred Zapatka Cast

  13. Photo of Christel Orthmann

    Christel Orthmann Editing

  14. Photo of Egon Paschke

    Egon Paschke Sound

  15. Photo of Barbara Ehret

    Barbara Ehret Costume Design

  16. Photo of Axel Ganz

    Axel Ganz Cast

  17. Photo of Arnulf Schumacher

    Arnulf Schumacher Cast

  18. Photo of Ivo Vrzal-Wiegand

    Ivo Vrzal-Wiegand Cast

  19. Photo of Cornelia Corba

    Cornelia Corba Cast