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  1. McOpinionated's rating of the film Rouge

    Another opportunity for the denial of pretentiousness. It's a little bit amusing in bits, with a basic idea I like. But what passes for humour among the intelligentsia?! Oh my!

  2. saitosouta's rating of the film Rouge

    Mr. Bonello, you shouldn't talk about art in movie, you should make a movie about art as always.

  3. Brenda Clews's rating of the film Rouge

    A remarkably thoughtful film on desire. Beauty everywhere & yet the search for the monster -who appears in paintings, and even in the (Bunuel-esque) doubling of the art expert. Scenes located largely in art galleries, in the end I thought the monster is inside the art, within its forms and messages, its lines and painted surfaces. What is monstrous an inscrutable part of the artist, the creative process, the audience

  4. captainfez's rating of the film Rouge


  5. Slappy McGee's rating of the film Rouge

    I was completely enraptured by this film. The movie is only 1 hour and it plays like a short film in structure. The central mystery deals with the nature of the monster. Is it the monster we see that scares us or is it the monster we don't see, but know that it's still there? Or is it the monster hiding inside of us? Or is it another type we can't even put into words? This film delves very subtly into these ideas.

  6. Muriel's rating of the film Rouge

    The more I think about this, the more I like it. Mysterious and entrancing, a film that makes you re-learn to *look*

  7. Superfrog's rating of the film Rouge

    Extreme film in form. Keeps it short. Scenes work and are sometimes brilliant, I particularly enjoy the art discussion as flirting. I am not sure of the film as a whole.

  8. P Teddy Sawyer's rating of the film Rouge

    In Edgar Allen Poe classic form the stranded self under the hand of fate evades the touch of love.

  9. cesheri's rating of the film Rouge

    Beautiful, but the affectation wears long. The scene of w/ the Doctor suggests that Barrault is not entirely in the world of these characters, but the film needed more foils like that.

  10. Kevin Matthews's rating of the film Rouge

    A companion piece to Le Dos Rouge, which I have yet to see, this also serves as a fun meditation on art, what people project upon it, what bounces back, and interactions between men and women using the art around them as a stimulus for conversation, and more. Not exactly enthralling throughout, this is nevertheless surprisingly enjoyable, interesting, and witty.

  11. ysbil's rating of the film Rouge

    Fun and playful, mise en abyme, our experience mirroring that of the main character and so on... While we are searching along with the director for the painting, the entire film (or the visualisation process) seems to have turned into a monster. Symptoms of monstrosity emerge here and there, and at the very end, it seems to laugh at us. Scary, scary !

  12. Mohamed Hammad's rating of the film Rouge

    The film and mood was very in a sense stirring, very emotional - and I very much enjoyed it.

  13. Léo Lebrun's rating of the film Rouge

    Évidemment, une œuvre d'art qui fait parler d'art à des artistes, ça a quelque chose de consanguin. Mais n'est-ce pas le sujet du film ? N'est-il pas question justement de monstruosité ? N'est-il pas question justement du regard que nous portons sur l'art et sur sa monstruosité ?

  14. Adam Whybray's rating of the film Rouge

    2.5 stars. I much preferred the earnest, stumbling grace of 'Museum Hours', finding this a little airless. That said, once I decided to watch it as the most unorthodox imaginable adaptation of several Edgar Allan Poe stories (particularly 'The Black Cat' and 'William Wilson', though also 'The Oval Portrait') I enjoyed it a lot more. Plus, it got me off the dead-end track of thinking about 'Vertigo'. That party tho.

  15. lou.'s rating of the film Rouge

    Je sens bien la séduction des images, et les lectures de Célia et de la femme étrangère à travers les oeuvres sont tout à fait fascinantes, comme le vide des ambiances muséales. Mais le film se perd le long de la narration, il reste sospendu, de manière incompréhensible. Et moi, je reste insatisfaite, comme le réalisateur protagoniste du film.

  16. BUSTER TIERNEY's rating of the film Rouge

    3,5/5 Film assez surprenant qui me fait osciller entre la fascination de la réflexion sur l'art, le regard, le monstrueux, et la froideur en retrait d'un certain microcosme de commentateurs de l'art et d'artistes parfois assez vains. Film qui semble du coup s'auto-critiquer... telle une étudiante face à un tableau de Salomé et St Jean-Baptiste.

  17. Michael Zyx MH Claes's rating of the film Rouge

    TOO LONG SHORT ====== L'Art et l'Ennui vont en bateau. L'Art tombe à l'eau ...

  18. Monkey Flix's rating of the film Rouge

    "Let's look at artwork and say meaningless things!"

  19. Étienne D.'s rating of the film Rouge

    Belle variation cinématographique autour du spéculaire et du stade du miroir, selon Lacan. Que voyons-nous de nous-mêmes dans les images ? En quoi la reconnaissance venue de l'Autre — que ce soit le médecin (impeccable Barbet Schroeder), la productrice (émouvante Valérie Dréville) ou la critique d'art — est-elle essentielle pour assumer une nouvelle image ?

  20. findfilm's rating of the film Rouge

    A captivating hour long film that provides a snapshot of life for a famous director in Paris as he is surrounded by eccentric contemporaries that challenge him as he prepares for his next project. Art history is the core of this fine film that provides a tantalising expose of a few extraordinary pieces of art and then climaxes quite beautifully with the realisation of the film's core purpose. Totally rewarding.

  21. Louisa Savignon's rating of the film Rouge

    3.5 // a shorter version that asks for the longer. very nice moments

  22. Bilouaustria's rating of the film Rouge

    Impressive piece of work (that made me even more curious of the original version and frustrated me somehow). Clever on so many levels, the two actresses, the stain, and this pleasure to be introduced into all-time masterpieces thanks to interesting commentaries. Where is the monster ? Everywhere, if you develop your eye and your imagination to be able to see it. (and "Vertigo" also, by the way, is almost everywhere).

  23. Søren Ulf's rating of the film Rouge

  24. Desrayaud's rating of the film Rouge

    étrange onirique, merci pour ce moment.

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